May 6, 2014

How fast have you driven in your life? 160? 180? 200?
How about 240 km/h in the city?

Yesterday night a young driver has been pulled over by the OPP after being spotted going 240 kilometers per hour on ETR 407. His Nissan GT-R (oh yes, it is fast indeed) was caught at 140 km/h over the speed limit! The driver is charged with stunt driving and it looks like really bad news for him.

He was apprehended at about 10:30 a.m. at Weston Road. Vince Lisi, 18 years old, has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, stunt driving and fail to surrender his driver’s license. Consequences came quickly: the driver had his car impounded for 7 days and his license seized and suspended for 7 days as well.

Just e friendly reminder: speeding 50 km/h or more grants you six demerit points automatically, an immediate 7 day license suspension and up to 2 years additionally upon conviction. A fine $2,000 – $10,000 is also applied.

Fortunately no car accident happened, no drivers or passengers got injured.

Drive safe Torontonians!

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