Car insurance become more and more noticeable among monthly expenses, especially for young drivers. It is hard enough to find a good premium or get it decreased.
That’s understandable if you are a bad driver with numerous tickets, car accidents and/or demerit points. But what if you are an excellent driver with a driver record absolutely clean? Why you should pay for somebody’s faults?

Belairdirect now has an answer – Automerit. Prove you drive carefully and get you insurance premium significantly reduced.
Automerit rewards you with your personalized discount after assessing your driving style and habits: acceleration, braking how long and at what time of day you usually drive.

You start saving right away by signing up for the automerit program. Belairdirect gives you 5% discount. Once you’ve registered, you’ll get an automerit device delivered by mail. Installation is very simple and shouldn’t take long. Once plugged – you are ready to go after some further instructions from Belairdirect.

Based on how carefully you drive, your discount can be up to 25% of your insurance premium!
If you have any questions – they got all answers for you on their FAQ page

Drive save, avoid car accidents and save!

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