Loosing control over your vehicle is always a bad thing, especially near a gas station. Moreover hitting it into a building while driving pretty fast doesn’t promise any good either. But this woman did really get luck.

The video released by Connecticut’s Fairfield Police Department. We can see Rosa Blanca Chavarria-Medina driving Nissan Maxima, smashing an I-95 exit ramp and hitting five other vehicles before jumping into the side of a building.

Doesn’t look really good… Fortunately she managed to avoid hitting the gas station right in her way.

The Fairfield police report that 4 more people in the vehicle, including an 18-month-old kid are being treated in the hospital. They have non-life-threatening injuries. The police also note presence of “an indication of intoxication and a high rate of speed.”

Don’t drink and drive and control your speed. These are the main cause for car accidents to happen.

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