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Justin Bieber charged following MVA in Ontario

August 29
Toronto, ON

Justin Bieber is facing charges with assault and dangerous driving after a motor vehicle accident involving an ATV and a car.

The incident happened near Stratford, ON, on August 29th. The collision supposedly involving Bieber, his girlfriend Selena Gomez, Todd Gillis and Sean O’Neill – photographers from Toronto was investigated by OPP. Police […]

Bill 15 to help 9 million drivers of Ontario

July 21, 2014

In his interview, Vice-President of Insurance Bureau of Canada has brought some good news for Ontario’s motorists: The quick introduction of Bill 15 is a very strong message from the Wynne government that it is serious about reducing fraud and the high costs in Ontario’s current auto insurance system. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the other good news: insurers are passing these savings along to consumers in the form of reduced rates.

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GM reveals ignition switch problem victims compensation plan

GM has announced the awaited compensation plan for ignition switch problem victims.

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Ignition victims compensation on a large basis – lawyers sued GM

The well-known problem with defective ignition switches in GM cars has been related to some deaths and injuries
One of the lawyers that has been suing GM informs about the company’s victims fund could offer uncapped compensations

Attorney Bob Hilliard spoke to Kenneth Feinberg – the fund’s manager GM hired. He is famous for his implication […]

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Lamboghini ripped in half in a car accident – the driver walks away with minor injuries

A very expensive motor vehicle accident occurred in Thailand. An unnamed businessman smashed his Gallardo in a tree after been tossed off a wet road. As a result – his exotic Lamborghini got split in two. Fortunately, the driver was able to walk away with minor injuries.

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Ferrari Enzo seriosly damaged in a car accident

June 23, 2014
An extraordinary motor vehicle accident happened on Interstate-95 in Connecticut yesterday morning. Ferrari Enzo had spun and slammed into the divider.

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MVA victims reopening their case agains General Motors

February recall of about 2.6 million Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion cars due to their implication in the defective ignition switch made them well-known and discussed, not from a good standpoint though. The problem regards to faulty ignition switches, which possibly can stop mid-driving the engine ensuing total loss of critical safety systems (e.g. […]

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Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan critically injured in a car accident

The accident happened on the New Jersey Turnpike early on Saturday morning. A truck has caused a 6 vehicle pile up, one died, four injured. One of those four is the famous comedian Tracy Morgan returning from the show in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limo bus.

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Avoiding whiplash – adjusting headrests Useful tips

Protect yourself and your family against whiplash and other soft-tissue injuries
According to studies conducted by Insurance Bureau of Canada in several provinces across Canada, drivers can reduce whiplash-related injuries by unbelievable 40 per cent!

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Fatal Car Accident in Caledon, Ontario

June 5, 2014
Two people dead in a horrifying car crash involving a pickup truck near Brampton

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