Our modern lifestyle has acquired many dimensions ranging from hi-tech devices, hectic schedules, speedy vehicles and so on. We enjoy our ride of life when we feel secured and do just the right things. The advancements have given us the biggest gift in the form of our beloved vehicles that not just for transportation purposes but have deeply linked with our social status and style statement. We dash in our vehicle doing errands of work on the go and feel contented when we accomplish so much.

When we are on roads, sometimes our sophisticated brain takes over causing us to break the rules and crossing the center line that may be very dangerous. Hence it can lead to a head on car accident that can have dire repercussions. Here we are going to shed some light on crossing the center line head on collisions and what you can do to seek compensation if you are a victim of such a mishap.

First of all, we are going to discuss various factors attributing to such devastating happening on the road so that you can have a clear view of the things that you can do to negate such unfortunate incident in your own life.

Major causes of head-on collisions

Below are listed the common causes which lead to crossing the center line head-on collisions:

  • Negligent driving. One of the most ubiquitous causes behind head-on collisions is irrational driving. Drivers who avoid traffic rules or try to drive at excessive speeds are a cause of most accidents. If you have met an accident due to negligent driving of another party then you can demand for huge compensation from the driver or from the insurance company. In most cases such people run away from the site of the accident, and that is why their victims have to file for compensation from insurance. You can file a claim for the injuries, treatment required, loss of income and financial loss happened due to the accident. You can also contact the police as soon as you have met the accident so the driver at fault is captured as soon as possible.
  • Bad vision. Many drivers have bad vision and they can’t judge the speed and distance properly, causing motor vehicle accidents to happen. As per the records of accidents happened every year, it is also one of the major causes of head-on collisions. Drivers try to overtake cars from impossible angles and cross the center line causing auto accidents. Even though authorities are very strict with all drivers making them passing the vision test in order to obtain the driver’s license but many people drive without the driver’s license and that creates a lots of problems.
  • Avoidance of traffic rules. Traffic rules are designed for ensuring safety of every driver on the road but many drivers never follow the instructions provided to drive on the road. This kind of people drive irresponsibly and try to take over, even if there is no space for other vehicle. Is such cases, there’s a big chance of a center line accident that may cause a serious head traumas, fractures or other injuries to other innocent people. You should seek help from the police in such cases, as your report can be used as an evidence in the court.
  • Vehicle malfunction. Many center line accidents happen due to poor car functionality or failed parts. For example, failure of a steering wheel, breaks or other main elements can easily lead to a center line collision. Even in such situations, you are entitled for claiming compensation for your injuries. You can demand compensation from the driver of other vehicle (who caused the accident) as a victim, or from your insurance company, in case if you cause the accident due to car malfunction.
  • Driver sleepiness. A center line auto collision can happen when a person is keeping driving even when he/she is tired and facing fatigue and falling asleep. An accident can happen on 2-way roads that are used for driving in both directions (incoming and outgoing traffic) without any security grill. Without any doubts, you can demand compensation from a driver at fault if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident the he/she has caused.
  • Distracted driving. Many people like to use their mobile phones and other gadgets, even when they are driving. That is a very serious problem today, causing more and more car crashes. As status shows, people who use mobile phones while driving create a lot of problems for other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, and generally most of the accidents happen because of that reason.
  • Problems with traffic signals. Any kind of problems with traffic signals can also lead to center line accidents because driver can’t define the right moment to stop or start moving, which leads to a confusion of the traffic, and may result in opposite sides of traffic starting moving at the same time, causing accidents. If you have been injured in a car accident due to traffic signals malfunction, you can definitely claim for compensation. In this case some help from an experienced personal injury attorney will be very useful.
  • Driver’s mistake. People can make mistakes and sometimes mistakes in driving can lead to cross line accidents. It is very dangerous type of accidents because people face serious injuries in such accidents. If you have been severely injured because of a mistake of another driver – you can claim for compensation for your financial loss as well as injuries from the driver at fault. You are legally eligible for demanding compensation for your lost income, suffering and medical bills, along with loss of the vehicle.
  • Driving under the influence. Drugs / alcohol and driving is an especially dangerous combination that always leads to serious car accidents. People who consume alcohol or drugs and drive are the main cause of serious motor vehicle accidents all over the world. It is obviously illegal in Canada. If you have been injured in an accident and another driver was under the influence of drugs an/or alcohol at that time, then you definitely can demand for complete compensation for your financial loss, medical bills and other. Make sure you call the police immediately in such circumstances because blood test is the best proof of impaired driving.
  • Poor road conditions. There are many cases where both drivers met an accident because of poor road conditions. If such is the case of your accident then you can demand for compensation from your insurance provider. Similarly, any other person is also entitled for the same benefits. You need to gather evidence that the accident happened due to poor road conditions in order to avoid any complications in further process.

Even though we have showcased many of causes which can lead towards auto accidents, in many cases accidents unfortunately can’t be prevented.

Common injuries caused in head-on collisions

  1. Scars and permanent flaws on the skin. Most of the time people face serious head or neck injuries because of a powerful impact from the front side of the car. In such situations, the head of a driver hits the dashboard or sometime the windshield, causing permanent scars or marks on the face and other parts of the body.
  2. Broken facial bones. Broken bones are another prominent injury that people involved in head on car accidents suffer from. In such cases the face is at major hit and alignment of the face can get distorted. It may require surgeries to get it corrected, which can be a prolonged and painful procedure.
  3. Whiplash (Shoulder and Neck). Neck injuries are also common, especially whiplash – the sudden jerk that people involved in accident may face. Whiplash can be quite damaging and requires intense treatment. Recovery can take a lot of time as well.
  4. Spinal and backbone injuries. One of the most serious repercussions of head on car accidents is certainly spinal and backbone injuries that can cause paralysis and many other severe health issues. Such a critical situation can damage the life, productivity and many other aspects of a person. Moreover, these types of injuries require expensive and elaborative treatment. Even the recovery rate is quite low in serious cases. So if you are seeking compensation for such injuries then you need to make sure that you have included the long-term effect of the injuries in your claim amount for sure.
  5. Severe head injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Another crucial aspect of any accident is to look for brain injuries which might remain latent for a long period of time. It is important that you seek complete examination of your brain. In case of head injuries you need to seek immediate treatment. Brain injuries can be devastating for a victim as they can have short-term and long-term repercussions, ranging from memory loss, lowering of productivity, sensory and motor problems and so on.

Without any doubts, when you are part of a car accident, it is sometimes impossible to survive unscathed. Injuries are often inevitable. Hence, it is very important that you don’t ignore your physical well-being in any manner. You should take best medical services, so that you can recover from your injuries fully and relatively quickly. Once you are good to go – you can file for compensation to cover your damage and expenses. All you required to get claim money is to prove that you are the victim and you have undergone injuries, pain and other medical and psychological complications due to another party’s fault.

Here is the list of things you should do to make your case very strong:

  1. Get a police report: You should contact the police as soon as possible so they can catch the person at fault, if he/she has run away from the accident scene. Usually people run away in order to avoid serious charges, and if you contact the police – they can identify the vehicle that caused the accident easier. A police report is also a very important evidence for your case, as it contains very important information.
  2. Gather evidences of the accident: You should not waste any further time in gathering evidences that can help you in making your case stronger. You can use your car’s dashboard video (if you have a recorder) to prove your innocence. You can also click pictures of the accident, injuries and damage to your vehicle that occurred due to the accident. Make sure you are also covering the center line in the picture to prove you were driving in your lane when the accident occurred.
  3. Find witnesses: You should also contact people near-by the accident and collect their information, such as phone numbers, addresses etc. so if required, they could be called to the court as witnesses. Witnesses can make your case very strong because they can provide authentic information about the accident. They also give clear indication about your role in the accident.
  4. Obtain medical records: It is the most important document that you can use for proving your loss and medical expenses that is required for your treatment. Medical records are considered a very strong evidence of your injuries and suffering, which can help you get compensation for your medical care and other losses.

Why you should hire a personal injury lawyer for filling your claim?

If you want to make sure your claim is filed in a perfect manner – you should hire services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. It is the only way to get rid of all the flaws of your case which might otherwise reduce your compensation amount. You will be guided thoroughly in filing and subsequent legal proceedings. In addition to this, your attorney will help you in proper evaluation of your claim amount as the practical know-how of the legal field make lawyers more capable in handling your case appropriately. Your stress is negated to the minimum when you know that you have experts at your beck and call to resolve your legal problems and help you in claim settlement.

In case of any complications or legal formalities, your lawyer can guide you in the right direction, so that you can confidently seek justice and rightful compensation. All in all, you need to makes sure you have a well-recognized attorney for your case so that chances of winning can be enhanced by manifold and you receive high amount of claim that compensate your loss and damage fully.

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