Hyundai Motor America stated it would appeal a 248M dollar verdict awarded to the families of two boys died in a car accident involving a Hyundai car they claimed was defective.
The car accident happened on July 2, 2011, on Hwy 93 north of Arlee, Montana.

Olson who was 14, and his 19-year-old cousin Trevor Olson, were died when their Hyundai Tiburon was involved in a car crash, Trevor Olson’s family lawyer said.
The victims’ families received a total of approximately $8 million dollars in damages for their losses. According to the Jurors’ verdict, Hyundai Motor Co. and its U.S. subsidiary, Hyundai Motor America, found in acting with “actual malice,” and then ordered Hyundai to pay $240 million more in punitive damages.

The families alleged that a steering knuckle in the Hyundai Tiburin was defective, blaming it for causing the fatal motor vehicle accident. As they stated, the part spontaneously cracked and made the car to swerve into another vehicle. A woman in the other car Olsons hit died as well.

Chris Hosford, a Hyundai spokesman, stated that the company planned to appeal the verdict immediately. Despite of the fact that 3 people died in that tragic car accident, the company still believes the verdict is “outrageous, and should be overturned as Hyundai is not at fault.”

The plaintiffs were pleased with verdict, as per their lawyers statement. “We’re grateful for the jurors’ hard work,” he said.

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