Spring is coming, the weather becomes warmer and more dry. For many motorcycle riders in Toronto and the entire province that means the beginning of spring and a new season. This is for sure an exciting event for all motorbike lovers, impatient to get on the road as soon as possible, but it is also hard times for Police.

What is the main cause of motorcycle accidents in Toronto?

This spring, Toronto Police is doing their best to get all motorcyclists starting the 2015 season prepared and safety-concerned. They are reminding both motorcycle riders and car drivers that motorcycle safety requires efforts and awareness from everyone who share Ontario’s streets, roads and highways. Police emphasized that this campaign is not intended to point out motorcyclists neither as the only dangerous or reckless party on the roads, nor as the main reason causing majority of motorcycle accidents. As a matter of fact, in a big part of such collisions motorcyclists were not at fault.

Situations when cars, trucks and other motor vehicles drivers do not pay attention to motorcycles on the road are not rare, frequently creating dangerous conditions which may result in a motor vehicle accident. This is exactly why Toronto police felt that it was necessary to take initiative and conduct a motorcycle safety session. During that session they tried to rise the concern and describe how often personal injuries or even fatal accidents are related to the start of the new riding season. The session was held took place on Monday morning, March 23rd, 6 – 10 am.

Fatal accident in motorcycle riders: what does statistic say

One of Police representatives and the organizers of the event – Constable Clint Stibbe, said that the main concentration will would be on motorcycle equipment and gear safety, rider protection, and appropriate training.

“In the past few weeks, we had a number of motorcycle riders go down on the Don Valley Parkway and out in the west-end. They all suffered serious injury,” said Constable Stibbe.

“What we’re trying to do is to bring back to the forefront things that riders need to be aware of and drivers too.”

The organizers also revealed some disturbing statistics about how often motorcycle accidents happen in Toronto and how painful and serious their consequences are.

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Useful safety tips for motorcyclists

During the session, the organizers also reminded motorcyclists about important steps they must take to protect themselves during their journey on the roads of Ontario. Listed below are several useful tips to keep in mind for all riders starting the new season:

  • If this is going to be your first ride, it’s crucial to have professional training before you get your riding experience. It may make a vital difference on the road, especially if you get yourself in a dangerous situation.
  • Make sure your turn signals, brake lights, daytime lamps are fully functional. Check brakes, steering and the fuel system.
  • It is a good habit to always check your gear before your first ride in a new season. This includes checking your helmet is in a good condition and fastens properly.
  • A good advice for any motorist: be careful with your speed. It’s not only about rules and regulations, your speed should be chosen strictly according to road conditions, weather and situation. Many accidents where a motorcyclist was at fault resulted from excessive speed.
  • Another universal advice: keep a safe distance between yourself and another vehicles around you, especially in front. Sometimes it is a matter of a split-second, required to react to changes on the road in order to avoid an collision.
  • Try to always be highly visible and predictable to other drivers. It is much harder to notice a motorcyclist among numerous vehicles and react to sudden maneuvers.

What to do if involved in a motorcycle accident?

Whether your injuries are minor, e.g. soft tissue injuries such as cuts, bruises, scrapes, sprained ligaments, or serious (broken bones, organ damage, scarring, or wrongful death of a family member), the best option for you will be to find an experienced personal injury attorney. They don’t charge anything for an initial consultation and will be able to seek justice by finding evidence and building a highest claim demand possible in your situation.

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