15 April, 2014
Weather in Canada gives surprises every day. It felt summer a day ago and winter is back today.

Here is some useful tips on what to do when conditions are bad (snow, cold, ice). They will definitely help you to get to your destination safely and avoid car accidents:

First of all, it is always good to check weather reports before you leave home. Consider delaying or postponing your trip if road conditions are really bad.
If you are already driving and weather got worse and very bad, please consider following these useful tips:


  • If you need to slow down or stop – do it beforehand carefully
  • Drive at a speed that makes you feel confident and suits the conditions
  • Turn on all lights. It is good to have fog lights on
  • It is good to use low-beam headlights when it is snowing. High beams reflect off the ice particles in the snow, making it harder to see
  • Don’t rush and be careful. Avoid unnecessary moves, passing, changing lanes etc.
  • Increase your distance to the closest vehicle you’re following. That will give you extra space for safe braking
  • /Make sure your windows and mirrors are clean.
  • In zero visibility the best will be to get off the road and pull into a safe parking area if possible


  • Never stop on the road. You will probably become the first car in a chain-reaction collision
  • Avoid sudden and fast acceleration / breaking or sharp steering
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