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What Is a Catastrophic Injury according to Ontario law?

Everything changes after a catastrophic injury. You may not be able to work to support yourself and your family and will need to relearn how to perform everyday functions and basic self-care. Catastrophic injuries are defined by Ontario law as being one of the following:

  • Paraplegia or tetraplegia
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Blindness or a loss of vision in both eyes
  • Amputation or severe impairment of the ability to walk independently or use one arm
  • Physical impairment or a combination of physical impairments resulting in 55 percent or greater overall impairment
  • Extreme impairment due to a mental or behavioral disorder, such as depression, psychotic disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • A marked impairment in at least 3 areas of functioning that inhibits useful function
  • An extreme impairment in at least 1 area of functioning as a result of a mental or behavioral disorder

Injuries that are similar to the list above may also be considered to be catastrophic. Catastrophic impairment in minors may have different criteria.

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Limitations to Catastrophic Impairment Law in Ontario

Prior to 2016, Ontario had very generous limits on the benefits it would pay for catastrophic injuries. In 2016, these limits were lowered as follows:

  • Victims can receive up to $1 million for medical, rehabilitation and attendant care benefits, down from a total of $2 million prior to 2016. There is an option for motorists to still receive benefits up to $2 million for catastrophic injuries if they pay an additional insurance premium.
  • Non-earners, including stay-at-home parents, students, retirees and individuals who were not employed for the six months prior to the accident, can receive $185 per week for up to two years. Prior to 2016, non-earners were eligible for benefits for life.

Why You Need a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

The good news is that because Ontario requires no-fault insurance for auto accidents, you are eligible to receive benefits for medical expenses resulting from a covered accident, even if you are determined to be at fault.

The bad news is that because insurance companies are for-profit entities, they will try to pay the least amount of compensation possible, regardless of the extent of your injuries or their client’s responsibility. They have a team of expert legal professionals on their side that minimizes victim benefits so that their company can pay the least amount of money possible.

Having an attorney who specializes in catastrophic injury cases can greatly increase the amount of compensation that you will receive. Your attorney will be well versed in the law and legal precedents and be able to fight for your rights to get you the compensation that you need.

According to an Insurance Research Council study, self-represented plaintiffs received less than one third of the compensation that plaintiffs represented by an attorney, even after attorney’s fees were paid.

Catastrophic Injuries Affect Everyone

Catastrophic injuries go far beyond the victim. The entire family has to adapt to mobility or cognitive limitations. Some injuries require that the individual has care 24 hours/day, which many families are unable to provide.

Professional caretakers are costly and not a practical expense for many families.

How Claim Accident Services Can Help You

After a catastrophic accident, you will need help to get some semblance of your life back. You will need to recover from the physical and mental trauma of the accident, as well as relearn how to perform basic tasks and care for yourself. It will take a team of professionals to make that happen.

At Claim Accident Services, we take on the time-consuming work of:

  • Interviewing and vetting experienced legal representation
  • Finding the attorney with the right skill set for your specific needs
  • Researching the highest-quality healthcare providers for your injuries
Just one call to Claim Accident Services can get you started. We will listen to your story and put you on the path to recovery.

We have lawyers who specialize in catastrophic accidents who will guide you every step of the way through the complex process, whether you shared fault in the accident or not. Our legal team will help you to protect your claim and provide for your future needs and losses.

Our healthcare providers are well versed at treating the serious trauma involved with catastrophic injuries. They can set you up for a successful recovery.

Our reputation rests on the quality of our providers, so we only choose the best for you.

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