Toyota Corporation is recalling 6.39 million vehicles world wide. It affects about 500,000 car owners in Canada. The recall relates to a set of issues found in about 30 car models.

Some cars have more than one problem detected at the same time. It totals to 6.76 million vehicles including 27 Toyota models, Subaru Trezia and Pontiac Vibe, between April, 2004 and August, 2013.

One of the defects, as per Toyota Canada, affects 360,963 cars and SUVs and related with a spiral cable assembly. It can be damaged during steering wheel turning and potentially, cause the driver’s airbag malfunction from opening in a car accident.

The above mentioned problem exists in a many Toyota models (Corolla, RAV4, Matrix, Yaris, Highlander, Tacoma) from different years.
Fortunately no personal injuries or car accidents, or crashes have been reported related to the recalls announced. Pontiac Vibe – a General Motors model, is also affected because it shares the same platform with on of the recalled models – Toyota Matrix and was assembled on the same plant. This recall of Pontiac Vibe is not connected with a separate GM recall over ignition switches.

Toyota Canada is also recalling 152,438 vehicles for seat rails that may not click into position after an adjustment. That significantly increases the risk of a personal injury in a car accident. In particular, the issue relates to certain Toyota models: Yaris hatchback, Yaris sedan, Scion xD year 2010.

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