What Our Customers Say?

  • Chu T, Markham
    “I got in the car accident in 2011. I didn’t know who to turn to. I just recently came to Canada back then and was afraid to make wrong choices. I quickly learned that calling claim accident services was a correct choice. I made my request what kind of lawyer i need and got reply right away. I decided to go for free consultation and was very happy with what I heard. The lawyer was very knowledgeable and friendly. I was explained the process and had treatment arranged right away. Everything was under control and I felt happy that my situation was in good hands. My case wasn’t easy one because I didn’t have my personal insurance at that time but my lawyer made sure that I will get everything and even more than I expected. I was guided every step of the way and had a plan how to make my life better after settlement. And it worked! Big time! It was great experience for me and I have been recommending claim accident services to all my friends ever since! Sincerely, Chu”
    Chu T, Markham
  • Shelley, Mississauga
    “I received an e-mail asking to give review about the services of claim accident company. It was easy. Although I am not big on writing things I wanted to share. I was hoping that my review would help someone change their lives for better just like it did for me! It was not my first accident and not my first experience with law firm. But definitely – the best one! I was amazed at how efficiently their team worked, how quickly i started getting my benefits and benefiting from therapy they arranged for me! If god forbid I have to go through experience of being in motorcycle accident again hands down – I will call them right away!”
    Shelley, Mississauga
  • Frankie, Toronto
    “I got into a car accident last year and it was my fault. I injured my back and ankle and could not work. Having no idea of how to get out of this, I called my friend for an advice. Fortunately for me, he has had some experience before and gave me a phone number, being very confident that I have nothing to worry about any more. Honestly, I was doubting that anybody can help me. But then I thought “Why not? What am I loosing if I call?” . I called. A lovely voice (cheers Catherine 🙂 ) said hi and asked about my problems. We discussed all the details and she assured me that everything is going to be fine, promising that lawyer will contact me very shortly to arrange a meeting. They arrange free picked up for me from home because it was really difficult for me to even walk. I got informed about my rights and options for compensation and medical treatment. My desperation has gone right away, replaced by hope and expectations of something good to happen… And it did. I got all appointments arranged for me. They arranged clinic close to my residence and were picking me up at the time convenient for me. I did my course of therapy and got settlement I wasn’t even hoping to get. Bottom line: Thank you! That was professional and very helpful.”
    Frankie, Toronto
  • Ipshita Majumdar
    “I would hereby like to express my feedback for the lawyer’s services as definitely above average. In fact they are doing pretty good job. One thing though I would like to have from them is a little bit more interaction with us (Me or my husband) and keeping us in loop about whats happening with our file. As for the rehabilitation provider, I would say they have been exceptional in all their services. From point to point pick-up to keeping the appointments and arranging all my medical equipments has all been extremely smooth. At the end I and my husband both are satisfied with your suggestion to connect us with the lawyer and then the lawyer’s reference to the rehabilitation provider. Thanks & Regards”
    Ipshita Majumdar