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  • Fractures usually are extremely painful and require extensive treatment and rehabilitation
  • Ontario legal system knows the difficulties and needs of a person suffering from broken bones injuries, and provides a number of compensation options
  • In some cases, a fracture may result in permanent disability and permanent loss of income
  • Please keep in mind that while the court does offer the right kind of compensation, the onus of proving an injury is always on the claimant
  • Hiring an expert personal injury lawyer who specializes on fractures is the only way of acquiring maximum compensation


What is a Fracture Injury?

A fracture is more commonly known among people as broken bones. There are various kinds of bone fracture with regard to the location in the body, the kind of breaking, and the severity, and if you wish to file for a fracture claim in Toronto, you should first need to know what kind of fracture you have. There are numerous types but the most common types of fractures are:

  • Closed Fracture, which is when a bone breaks but does not protrude through the skin
  • Compound or Open Fracture, which is when the bone breaks and protrudes through the skin
  • Greenstick is when only one side of the bone cracks while the other side is unharmed due to the bone’s slight elasticity. This is more common on children as their bones are still slightly tensile, and uncommon among adults as bones grow brittle as we age
  • Commuted is when the bone is crushed or splintered into many pieces

Common Causes of Broken Bones and Effects of Fracture on a Person

There are many different causes for fractures, with everything from child’s playing to sport injuries, but the most common causes are usually through accidents related to vehicles or through slipping or falling, especially in big cities like Toronto.

Needless to say that a fracture is extremely painful and will require extensive treatment and rehabilitation, during which a person might not be able to function enough to maintain employment or even perform basic daily routines. Additionally, there are cases where a fracture results in permanent disability and permanent loss of income. This means that broken bone is potentially career ending and will have lifetime negative effect.

How long after an accident should I file an injury claim?


Compensation Available for Fractures

Canada’s legal system knows the difficulties and needs of a person who had broken bones, and provides a number of compensation for people who are successful in filing a claim, such as:

  • Coverage for medical expenses
  • Replacement for lost wages
  • Financial support for permanent or partial disability
  • Special equipment
  • Physical Therapy

It is worth noting that all of these expenses, when added up, is by no means a small amount. So you can expect insurance companies to try and settle out of court, but for a substantially smaller amount. If the insurers try to take it to court, it means that they know you don’t stand a chance because you don’t have legal representation. And keep in mind that while the court does offer the right kind of compensation for people suffering from fracture, the onus is always on the claimant when it comes to proving his or her injury.

What Should a Person Do In Order to Claim for Bone Fracture Injuries

In order to protect yourself while filing a claim, you are going to need to get services of a personal injury lawyer who has solid experience dealing with fracture cases. In cases like these, a lawyer will help procuring all necessary documents and testimonials in order to prove the existence and severity of your injury, as well as know the relevant laws with regard to benefits so that you won’t be tricked into settling for an unfairly low amount.

The need for a lawyer experienced in fracture cases and personal injuries is important especially in cases where the injury is the result of a negligent third party, as the defendant is put in place where they must disprove your claims or risk suffering the legal ramifications. This means you may end up facing aggressive defendants or even an insurance company’s own legal team. With an expert personal injury lawyer on your side, the defendant will know that they can’t resort to bullying tactics and will have to settle the case fairly.

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