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Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and secure
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How we can help you

Our team of legal experts at Claim Accident Services are unrivaled in their experience of taking and winning civil actions for wrongful death. Claim Accident Services are available now for consultation by appointment or for a call at (844) 722-5246.

Nothing can ever bring back the loss of a loved one. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive or forget even when we really want to. It can often be a therapeutic step to find a remedy through the courts.
With our lawyers representing your interest you have the best possible chance of securing a judgment which will compensate you for your loss and provide you with the financial security to build a future for yourself and your family in the wake of bereavement.

You may be surprised to learn that damages for wrongful death will typically run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some instances millions of dollars, depending on the degree of negligence involved. These damages are normally payable to the plaintiff or to the plaintiff’s heirs. The courts also have the power to award specific amounts to the plaintiff’s family i.e. to a spouse or child or parents of a minor.

  • Compensatory damages; standard damages payable for negligence and breach of duty of care
  • Statutory damages; these criteria for these damages are usually set out in statute
  • Punitive damages; especially high level of compensation awarded by the court where there has been extreme negligence in the breach of duty of care

Our lawyers will always attempt to secure punitive damages on your behalf where possible; they have a strong track record in securing the greatest financial compensation available for our clients. New information can often come to light in civil proceedings which was not available during the criminal process. In these cases if the degree of negligence is greater than originally thought then the award of damages and compensation will be proportionately increased.

That is exactly where Claim Accident Services come in.

We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to guide you through what can otherwise be a very lonely and alien process. With our lawyers representing your interests in proceedings you can be assured that you have the foundations of a solid case where justice can be delivered for a wrongful death.

Whatever you decide to do you can be certain and assured in your choice in the full knowledge that you have the very best people available to offer you the appropriate guidance every step of the way.
Many of our clients are faced with daunting scenario of entering into civil proceedings after an arduous criminal trial, the outcome of which has often been unsatisfactory. Our lawyers have successfully transitioned documentation and evidence from criminal proceedings in the past, giving you a significant advantage if you are faced with a similar transition.

They will review the evidence in a dispassionate, objective manner enabling them to determine the optimum legal strategy for you. Our experienced and perceptive team of experts will always try to provide you with as many options as possible in claiming for wrongful death.

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