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How we can help you

Our team of experts is unequaled in the level of experience and skill they practice in administering catastrophic injury claims.
Let’s start by explaining why you would need a lawyer to claim a catastrophic injury settlement. Claim Accident Services will begin by performing an assessment of your claim for damages. Some of the factors we, and later the court will take into account include:

  • the severity of the injury
  • the area of injury – for example typically a brain injury or spinal would result in greater damages than a hand injury
  • the effects on the victim
  • the effect on the victim’s family or caregivers
  • cost of rehabilitation and medical bills
  • degree of negligence
  • extent of breach of duty of care
  • future cost of care
  • impact on family or personal life

While there is a broad definition for catastrophic injury, it is generally the case that a catastrophic injury will prevent the victim from continuing a normal working life; usually the injury will occur suddenly without forewarning of any kind, and may require intensive professional medical care to assist in recovery. By engaging Claim Accident Services you are ensuring that you have professional representation unrivaled in delivering catastrophic injury settlements and with experience in defining them before a judge, often in face of a robust defense counsel.
The term catastrophic and all its inherent implications apply here; a catastrophic injury will normally have had a disastrous impact on the life of the victim with a serious level of compensation required as a means of compensation.

While this level of compensation can be difficult to quantify, our lawyers are here to guide you through the process and advice on how to secure the best possible settlement. Lawyers working with Claim Accident Services never settle for less and we don’t believe our clients should either.

Some examples of a catastrophic injury include but are not limited to:

  • head trauma
  • amputation of a limb
  • broken bones
  • blinding or serious eye injury
  • back or shoulder injury (back injury is often the most difficult to quantify)
  • foot injury
  • neck injury
  • first or second degree burns
  • spinal injuries
  • brain or neurological injury

There are many benefits and advantages you can secure following a successful catastrophic injury claim with Claim Accident Services. In addition to large financial settlement to cover the cost of prior and future medical care, there are also provisions in catastrophic injury law to compensate family members or a caregiver of the injured person for mental anguish and emotional pain caused by the catastrophic injury. Call Claim Accident Services today for a free consultation in order to get the best possible compensation for you and your loved ones.

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