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Personal Injury. What is it?

A personal injury is legally defined as an injury or damage that pertains to physical, physiological, or emotional aspect instead of a property or belonging. In most jurisdictions, the term is used to refer to a kind of tort lawsuit brought forth as a result of wrongful conduct or negligence on the part of the defendant.

How long after an accident should I file an injury claim?

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Why Get a Personal Injury Lawyer Instead of Handling the Case On Your Own?

There is a couple of cases where people think that they can handle the case on their own. First of all it refers to cases when you are already being offered a settlement amount that is equal to the amount that your insurance company’s policy allows; and secondly, in cases when you live in a no-fault state, because that state only allows a person to sue when the injuries rise to a specific level. In both cases, however, getting services of a good personal injury attorney may still be a wiser decision.

In case of being offered a settlement amount equal to the limit stated in the insurance company’s policies, it’s true that the insurance company will not be mandated by the courts to pay more than what their policy states as the limit. However, you can still be paid more than the amount if the court deems it, but it will be collected from the defendant directly. Collecting, in this case, may be complicated and too time consuming without professional help of an attorney handling everything in an ethical and legal way.

As for cases that require injuries to rise to a certain level due, before filing a claim, it is worth remembering that even minor injuries can turn into major ones. There are many known precedents, when what was originally assumed to be a minor injury has later turned to be a major trauma that required extensive and pricey treatment. In this kind of cases you can seek for compensation, but you will definitely need legal assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, in order to help you with proving that your previously-thought-of minor injury is in reality a major one.

Additionally, victims are still entitled to pain and suffering or “emotional distress” damages compensation that can be considered by a jury. A personal injury attorney is the best to know how to present and prove all the damages you are suffering from in the court.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Many people choose not to hire an attorney because they already have insurance or the other party does. It seems like no problems at all, but don’t forget that insurance companies are ultimately businesses, and they will always do their best to reduce the expenses on their end, even if that means awarding you with the least amount of money they can legally pay as a compensation.

A personal injury lawyer is the best choice because of the following factors:

  • Lawyers are trained to negotiate from a legal standpoint – individuals may be affected by emotions or lack of legal knowledge, resulting in negotiations where the odds are stacked against them. A personal injury attorney, on the other hand, is objective and will negotiate on your behalf using all knowledge of the law in order to maximize the claims you can get.
  • Insurers and defendants will take you more seriously – insurers know that they have more resources and expertise when it comes to negotiations and court battles compared to the average person, so will not take you seriously if you handle the case on your own. If an attorney represents you, you can be sure that yours side will be heard and addressed properly.
  • A lawyer knows how to procure and present all the required documents and evidence – if the defendant contests your claims in court, a personal injury lawyer will help to get all the court-admissible evidence to support your side. This includes police and medical reports, witnesses’ comments, and even testimonials from medical professionals or experts in relevant matters. This will greatly increase your chances of getting the maximum amount of damages that is due.

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