You’ve been in an accident. Maybe your injuries are major, and have turned your life upside down. Maybe they are minor, but persist in your daily activities. No matter what happened, Claim Accident Services can get you the treatment and compensation you need.

Understand the process in simple steps:

  • Call Us. Call our toll-free, 24-hour hotline. We’ll take notes on your case, and connect you with the best lawyer for your case for a free consultation.
  • Meet Your Lawyer. One of our expert lawyers will give you a call back to set up an appointment right away. We’ll take care of your transportation.
  • Start Recovering and Earn Compensation. Our legal team will find a qualified healthcare provider to help you recover and build your case – and, we’ll drive you to and from your appointments. Whether you’re at fault or not, our lawyers will seek maximum compensation for your injuries. Plus, if you want, we can help plan your financial future.

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