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  • M.M., $2,633,000 settlement
    “I retained a lawyer after I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident when I was struck by a pickup truck while I was a pedestrian crossing the road. I was impressed not only with phenomenal results but also with the manner in which my lawyer and the entire team handled my file. My tort and accident benefit files settled for approximately $2,633,000. The accident benefits insurer was very difficult to deal with but in the end they finally paid my income replacement benefits (two weeks before the arbitration hearing), reinstated my attendant care benefit (also shortly before the arbitration hearing) and paid approximately $1,233,000.00 to settle my case about a one week before the hearing. Ryan aggressively moved my case to an arbitration hearing and was prepared to go to battle for me but at the end the insurer capitulated and provided the compensation that I deserved. I would highly recommend Claim Accident and their team to anyone who sustained serious injuries in an accident.”
    M.M., $2,633,000 settlement
  • J.P., $1,550,000 settlement
    “I hired an attorney to represent me on my accident benefits case and to take over my long term disability case because my former lawyer refused to represent me on my accident benefits case. My former lawyer did not think that the accident benefits claim was worthwhile because I had returned to work for approximately 2.5 years after my motor vehicle accident. That claim that was “not worthwhile” was settled by my attorney in excess of 1 million dollars. He also obtained an excellent result for my long term disability claim. I would highly recommend Claim Accident team for any personal injury, accident benefits and long term/short term disability claim.”
    J.P., $1,550,000 settlement
  • H.N., $1,800,000 settlement
    “I was struck by a car when I ran into traffic in the middle of the road (not at an intersection). Unfortunately I was intoxicated and did not know what I was doing at the time. I was seriously injured. Notwithstanding significant problems with liability, my lawyer was able to settle my accident benefits and tort file for approximately $1.8 million dollars ($1,800,000). I was extremely impressed with the service that Claim Accident Services and their team provided. I was even more impressed with the optimal results he achieved which surpassed even my wildest expectations. Thank you again!”
    H.N., $1,800,000 settlement
  • E.B., $848,000 settlement
    “I was involved in several car accidents. I met with another lawyer before retaining a lawyer. This other lawyer would not accept my case because at the time of the car accidents I was already on a disability pension due to a prior accident, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury, soft tissue injuries and a seizure disorder. I also had a pre-existing bipolar condition. The accident benefits insurer for the automobile accidents initially disputed my claims blaming all of my problems on my pre-existing conditions. However, my lawyer was able to settle my accident benefit claims for more than $848,000.00 despite my prior conditions. He worked extremely hard to diligently pursue my claims and was a very passionate advocate. I certainly would recommend him for any personal injury or disability claim. Thank You!”
    E.B., $848,000 settlement
  • H.A., $610,000 settlement
    “I retained a lawyer to represent me after my car accident. I sustained soft tissue injuries in the accident. At the time of the accident I was off of work due to a prior hip injury. However, following the accident I suffered from severe psychological problems including depression and anxiety. My lawyer settled my accident benefits claim with my insurance company for $610,000.00. I was extremely impressed with this result. He really helped me and my family. The tort claim is still ongoing and I have complete faith in Ryan to obtain another superb result in that case as well.”
    H.A., $610,000 settlement
  • B.W., $1,300,000 settlement
    “After losing control of my vehicle, I struck a tree, which left me with severe injuries. My lawyer settled my accident benefits claim for $1,300,000. I was able to use the money to rehabilitate myself and to retrain. Today I am working as a successful real estate agent and I also have my own farming business. Thank you! Without you I could not have made my dreams a reality!”
    B.W., $1,300,000 settlement
  • M.B., $530,300 settlement
    “My car was rear-ended but I was able to leave the scene of the accident and go home. Prior to the accident I had an issue with my knee but the accident made the problem worse. My lawyer resolved all my claims arising from my car accident for $509,300. Aside from my settlement, Canada Pension Plan (“CPP’) disability denied my claim. He appealed my CPP claim, attended the hearing and he won the appeal. The government paid me all the money owing and I continue to get CPP benefits every month. I just want say thank you for your help. You have made a huge difference in my life for which my family and I will always be grateful. We will always remember you!”
    M.B., $530,300 settlement

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