Whenever we are on the road we are in fact vulnerable in many ways. We are at the mercy of the road conditions and other driver’s state of awareness. That is why there are many people around the globe who seek insurance for their life as well as for their vehicle so that they can be secured when they are involved in some untoward incident. The roads are after all not safe when we see a significant hike in the number of accidents and mishaps on the roads.

Your thoughtfulness and sensibility in availing an apt insurance can help you in many ways. You never have to fret over your own safety and also of your vehicle. In case there is a car accident happened, you can seek an insurance claim that can cover the loss and the damage that you have faced. You might not consider it as a serious concern but having a peek into the cost of a car accident can surely bring you some revelations!

Yes, you will be affected (badly) when it comes to your health, finances and productivity when you are involved in any accident. Car accidents are traumatic and they can render people helpless, miserable and really depressed. Therefore, taking all these things into view one need to be proactive in seeking the insurance so that you are well-prepared, when unpredictable and hapless circumstances create havoc in your life.

You may very well ignore the safety cushion an insurance can provide but you should not be too naive to negate the legal mess that awaits you in case you don’t possess the apt insurance policy especially at the time of the accident. There can be serious repercussions when people don’t have necessary documents, especially a driving license and car insurance. In case there is an accident involving uninsured drivers, carelessness of the person on this context will also be taken into consideration while the fine is decided. Hence, it can have really devastating effect on your financial sphere if you are not carrying important documents with you or if you have failed to seek insurance well on time. You can be subjected to serious legal complications like vehicle impoundment, huge fines etc. if you show any negligence on this context. So it is time to buckle up and find out more about being uninsured driver and its legal consequences.

It should be made clear that you cannot avoid an legal situation anywhere in Canada if you do not have car insurance. In all the provinces of Canada, an uninsured driver is in big trouble during a car accident. In fact, a car accident will be an open invitation to lot of stress, complications and further frustration, in case if the driver is found uninsured. You can keep a lot of hassle at bay by selecting an insurance policy as soon as possible. But when all is said and done there are still many unfortunate souls that are involved in accidents without insurance. In this article we are going to bring light to this issue (but time and again, we would like to suggest that before you find yourself in a rut, it is better to avoid all complications by opting for insurance on time).

Insurance claims involving uninsured drivers in Toronto

It is very important that you opt for help of experienced and well-qualified attorney to file claim and recover financial loss due to an accident caused by an uninsured driver. There is provision in the law that allows you to file a claim if an uninsured driver has caused an accident. There are cases when the party at fault is uninsured but you might have to face its consequences if you are not vigilant while seeking apt legal support and services to represent your case in your favor.  So don’t commit the mistake of delaying the process of filing for a claim.

Ontario Insurance Act that is applicable in Toronto has really complicated sets of rules and priorities that are used in order to infer or conclude a case. Without any doubt, the number of cases where one or both parties are uninsured have been on the rise. In such scenarios, it is advisable that legal professionals consulted you promptly to avoid any type of complications.

Car accidents can cause considerable amount of loss and damage to the victims as well as to the vehicle. Medical expenses at times are exorbitant and your financial well-being is surely in jeopardy if you are not able to get any compensation for your injuries and loss. Hence, you should never take such situations carelessly. In fact, these are times when you need to be extra-prudent in hiring the best legal adviser to help you in filing your claim, even when uninsured drivers are involved in the accident.

There can be different situations where insured or uninsured drivers involved, when an accident takes place. We are going to discuss two conditions that may come into limelight.

Cases when one party is uninsured

There are some provisions in the province of Ontario that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to uninsured drivers involved in a car accident. When the driver at fault is insured but the victim is not, the insured driver is liable to pay compensation to the victim. The injured party can also file a claim or sue their insurance provider for compensation. For this, you need the helping hand of a personal injury lawyer that will guide you in the best manner. Without any doubt, if you want things to go in your favor – make sure that you leave no stone unturned in making your case strong and fool-proof.

Cases when both parties are uninsured

If in an accident, both a victim and the person that has caused the accident don’t possess car insurance, there is possibility of getting sufficient compensation for the victim. There is a special fund that is used by Ontario’s provincial government for providing compensation to victims that are innocent. There is a limit of $200,000 set for such claims which includes cost and interest as well. Here again, your know-how of the law and the apt process of seeking compensation can help you immensely. If you are still in doubt and want your situation alleviated – it is high time that you get personal injury attorney services.

Charges for driving without car insurance in Toronto

Now we are going to the most important and fear-inducing sphere of car accidents where faulty people are without insurance. They have to face serious charges against them by law as well as by their victims. Every province has their set parameters for fining uninsured drivers, for example Alberta’s minimum fine starts from $2,875, British Columbia has the average fine amount of $598, and Ontario tops the list with the minimum fine of $5,000 and obligatory 25 percent victim fine surcharge makes the fine up to $6,250. In severe situations, you might have to face consequences in terms of vehicle impoundment, license suspension etc. that will surely add extra amount to your expenses. If you are caught driving vehicle without insurance again, then you might face an increased amount of fines that is bound to destroy your financial structure completely.

The Canadian government takes uninsured drivers strictly and the reason attributing this stringent control is concern over damage to public and private property, people and other vehicles due to car accidents. Insurance provide protection from financial loss to other people on the road as well as reduce your expenses such as medical bills etc. But when government has to handle situations where drivers involved in an accident are without insurance, they are bound to act firmly and decisively.

Moreover, if you think and act sensibly, you will realize that insurance payments are comparatively low when compared with the fines applicable for driving without a license or insurance. So make sure that you are paying your insurance premium regularly so that at the time of need your loss is covered.

Why you must avoid driving without insurance

The most crucial thing that your insurance policy can do for you is that it covers the expenses of car accidents. According to The Insurance Research Council’s Auto Injury Insurance Claims study, an average cost of auto liability claim for bodily injury was $14,653 and it was $3,073 for the auto liability claim for property damage. So it is clear that such humungous amount of expenses can definitely disturb the financial structure of any person. Even repairing vehicles can cost you from $200 to $10,000 or even more, depending on the damage. All these expenses will be covered by your insurance company (if you have one!)  but without insurance, you are liable to pay all the expenses from your pocket. You also have to include expenses that will be required for repairing or replacing your motor vehicle. All in all, the situation will grow grimmer and grimmer when you don’t get insurance for your vehicle.

Moreover, you will have to face penalties. There are many cases that have come into limelight where uninsured drivers had run away from the scene of accident to avoid legal complications but it could lead towards serious lawsuits as hit and run case. You can be arrested with serious criminal charges if you do so. Your one mistake can actually change the whole course of your life so it is better to make sure that you are insured.

Let’s provide you with some reality checks in these situations:

In Ontario, if you have run away from the scene, you can face imprisonment and your license can be ceased for two years. You will also face $200 to $2000 fine in extreme cases, with other penalties such as five years in prison. If you have track record of finding guilty of driving without insurance, insurance companies won’t provide their services to you, even with highest premium, for at least three years. Your driving file will be updated with the latest information and all insurance companies and government authorities will have that information. So you will be in dire trouble for your negligent attitude.

The role of an attorney in such cases

The role of an attorney in cases that involve uninsured drivers is certainly significant. You cannot imagine yourself fighting for justice and compensation all alone without any support. Professional help can give you a better perspective of your case and help you in many ways. The nitty-gritty of the matter can only be comprehended when you have access to well-trained legal experts that will help you in winning the case. They are the apt people who could take you out of the problems and help you considerably in getting fair compensation.

There are many people who might have negated the whole hassle of filing a claim on the pretext that legal services are beyond their budget but now with availability of really client-friendly and highly professional services you can be rest assured that you case will get precedence. If you have been a victim of an uninsured driver, hiring an attorney’s services can help you with making your case strong and genuine. You should not delay to contact an experienced attorney for increasing your chances for best compensation.

Practical experience of the attorney in similar cases can be of immense help and insight for you. This will also ensure that you don’t feel caught up in any legal complications from now as the reliable people are at your service. So if you ever find yourself in a legal situation which is beyond your control, you should not hesitate in seeking the best legal services. Always look for experienced and reputed attorney. When in doubt, just opt for an initial consultation and hire only those legal providers that meet your expectations thoroughly.

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