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Undetected head injury after a car accident

There are several cases in which injuries remain latent for a considerable period of time, before they start manifesting on the outer surface or in the overt behavior of a person. When it comes to head injuries, undetected effects can be really devastating. Numerous people across the globe become victims of undetected head injuries […]

Nerve damage in a car accident or slip and fall

Human life seems impossible without the nervous system as it is the primary connection that binds us with reality. This system is responsible for all the fundamental functions of the body that ranges from sensory interpretation, problem solving, thinking, responding, and reacting to regularization of various functions of body parts and so on. Without […]

Failure to Yield Right of Way to Pedestrians

The roads and fast moving vehicles are made for our convenience and surely we have derived a lot of benefits by using this provision. Our life is indubitably becoming fast paced, and increased pressure on the accelerator is now part of our routine. But wait! If you fail to follow the traffic rules, you […]

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