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Passenger in a car accident – personal injury lawyers Toronto

What a passenger in a car accident is eligible to
If a passenger is injured in a car accident, filing a personal injury case is relatively a less complex affair compared to what another driver has to go through. This is because personal injury lawsuits are primarily dependent proving liability and damages, and a passenger […]

Wrongful death Toronto – 58 y.o. woman hit by car

Weather conditions get worse every day, increasing the risk of accidents for car drivers and pedestrians – the risk of getting a personal injury or even more serious consequences. Please be careful when you driving or walking on the streets – stay responsible. Unfortunately, serious accidents keep happening.

A 58-years-old woman, who was identified by […]

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GM: 75 more car accident claims; 4 more fatal accidents claimed

It started when General Motors acknowledged the defect in the ignition switch of hundreds of thousands of GM cars. The defect which caused the ignition to switch from the “Run” to “Accessory” mode on its own, resulting in vehicles stalling and preventing the airbag from deployment in a car accident.

Last week General Motors Company […]

Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers about single vehicle car accidents

What is a single vehicle accident?

A single vehicle car accident (collision, crash) is a road traffic accident with only a single vehicle involved. There may or may not be personal injuries occurred.

What are the main factors leading to a single vehicle auto collision?

Slick Road Conditions
Distracted Driving
Bad Roadway Conditions
Animals on the Road
Flying Objects
Bright Sun / […]

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Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto about Distracted Driving

One of the most important aspects of safe driving for all motorists is to be fully focused on and avoid distractions. Nowadays distracted driving is became one of the major factors which cause car accidents in Toronto, GTA and the entire Canada, increase the number of fatal crashes.

Moreover, numerous studies conducted by different companies […]

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