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One seriously injured, 2 more with minor injureis after a car accident in Toronto

May 29, 2014

One person got serious but non life threatening injuries, two other drivers – with minor injuries after a car accident in Toronto.


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McLaren F1 exlusive supercar crashed

Yesterday in Italy, a driver lost control over his super-exclusive McLaren F1 and flipped it over. There has been only 106 car manufactured, this one – chassis number 072 got damaged badly but fortunately not irreversibly. A price of one of those can jump up to 9 million dollars.


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A driver died when crashed into a high school building in Oshawa

May 28, 2014
A high school in Oshawa is closed after a fatal car accident. A vehicle crashed into the building early Wednesday morning.

As per Durham Regional Police interview to CTV Toronto, the motor vehicle accident happened early in the morning. They don’t have information about exact time when that occurred. A call informing about […]

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Hyundai to recall almost 40,000 Tucson SUVs in Canada

May 27, 2014

Hyundai Canada has to recall about 40,000 of Tucson crossovers 2011 – 2014 years. The problem appears to be connected with the driver’s front airbag.
In some cases, the securing bolts attaching the airbag to the steering wheel are not sufficiently tightened. This could possibly let the airbag to become loose or […]

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Universal Pictures to pursue 50-million dollars claim after Paul Walker’s death

Obviously, nobody can return Paul Walker to life or replace him in the shooting stage. Moreover, his absence can cost a lot of money, and in this particular case, losses could jump as high as $50 million.

That’s the sum Universal is trying to claim from its insurance in order to accomplish the Fast & […]

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2 people in hospital after hitting a moose

May 26, 2014
A driver and a passenger have been sent to hospital after their motor vehicle collided with a moose.

As per OPP, the vehicle was going north on Hwy 11 in Bracebridge this Monday night, when suddenly a moose stepped out on the road in front of them. The car struck the animal head-on, […]

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Unbelievable car and motorcycle accident in Singapore

Singaporean Motorcyclist and His Bike fall right from the skies and hit a car.

When you driving along on your daily route, the last thing you would probably expect is someone ore something to fall from nowhere and land right on your vehicle. That becomes more fantastic if that thing happens to be a motorcyclist, […]

The SUV of Rob Ford’s impounded at Muskoka after its female driver charged with impaired driving

In a week after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Cadillac Escalade was spotted in Muskoka area, the SUV appeared back – this time at an impound lot. The vehicle has been locked up at a Gravenhurst, Ontario, lot after a call informing about an erratically driven SUV.

Rob Ford was not in the vehicle at the […]

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1 person dead 3 others in the hospital after a multi-car accident in Toronto

May 20, 2014
One person died and three other people with non-life threatening injuries have been taken to hospital. This happened in the result of a multi-vehicle collision on Highway 401 eastbound near Yonge Street.

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SUV slams into TD Bank in Mississauga

May 16, 2014

Around 7 a.m., an SUV with 2 people inside, crashed into the TD bank, the Meadowvale Town Centre branch (Aquitaine Avenue and Winston Churchill Boulevard), Mississauga. Two other people trying to use an ATM at the same time, managed to avoid injures, which is fortunate. The driver and passenger also escaped with […]

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