Fatal accidents

Undetected head injury after a car accident

There are several cases in which injuries remain latent for a considerable period of time, before they start manifesting on the outer surface or in the overt behavior of a person. When it comes to head injuries, undetected effects can be really devastating. Numerous people across the globe become victims of undetected head injuries […]

What does your personal injury lawyer do for you?

Many people can face the dilemma whether they should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer or not. Well, without any doubt, experience and expertise of a lawyer can play an indispensable and game-changing role for you when you are seeking claim for situations or accidents that have caused an injury. In this context, when we consider […]

Monetary Recovery for Wrongful Death Claims in Toronto

Death is inevitable, but when an adversity like this strikes, especially due to someone else’s, negligence then what is that you can do? No one can change destiny, but can there be something that will stand with you if God forbid you lose someone you love because of someone else’s fault? Is there any […]

Fatal car accidents in Ontario – 10 years statistics released by OPP

What is a fatal car accident?

As defined by thefreedictionary.com, a fatal accident is an accident that causes someone to die. So, a fatal car accident or a fatal collision can be defined as an accident when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris, or other stationary obstruction, causing someone’s death.

The death […]

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Motorcycle accident awareness campaign Toronto Police

Spring is coming, the weather becomes warmer and more dry. For many motorcycle riders in Toronto and the entire province that means the beginning of spring and a new season. This is for sure an exciting event for all motorbike lovers, impatient to get on the road as soon as possible, but it is […]

$77 million settlement for families in Lac-Megantic rail disaster

The compensation plan offers payments from $328,000 to $3.7 million for the 47 individuals killed

Families of the victims of the train crash near Lac-Megantic which happened back in 2013 are being proposed compensation around $77 million as a part of a plan to pay for the damages and reconstruction costs. The disaster has taken […]

Wrongful death Toronto – 58 y.o. woman hit by car

Weather conditions get worse every day, increasing the risk of accidents for car drivers and pedestrians – the risk of getting a personal injury or even more serious consequences. Please be careful when you driving or walking on the streets – stay responsible. Unfortunately, serious accidents keep happening.

A 58-years-old woman, who was identified by […]

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