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Securing compensation in a motorcycle accident claim

There are numerous youngsters who have an ardent craze for motor bikes and they keep dreaming to ride their dream bike (at the top speed, of course!). For most of bike riders, it is indeed a pleasure ride; but it is also true that there are numerous risks that are associated with motorbike riding […]

Getting medical records after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Modernization has brought its own set of blessings and curses: on one hand we can now reach our desirable locations within minutes; on the other hand we have to face dire consequences in terms of road accidents, severe injuries and sadly, death! Without any doubt, motor vehicle accidents have become an indelible part of […]

What is “wrongful dismissal” and what “reasonable notice” package do you deserve?

Our modern life revolves around our job and we tend to invest a lot of our time and energy in it. For most of us, our professional life is very important not only because of its financial benefits but it also makes our life purposeful and productive. Now it is the time when we […]

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Common mistakes which cause motorcycle accidents

We all crave for speed, for adventure and for thrill in our lives and that is why we are in love with vehicles that satiate our desires for accelerated journeys. The most prominent type in this list is surely motorcycles that is becoming the passion of many young souls especially in Canada. We can […]

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Wrongful dismissal claims in Toronto

Our life tends to revolve around our work and we all strive very hard to maintain a successful career. From the very childhood, we are urged to be focusing on our aim in life and as we grow up, we pursue the stream that we want to excel professionally. If we glance on our […]

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How are damages calculated in a personal injury case?

Human life is full of happenings and with each passing day we encounter situations that are of varied nature. Sometimes there is a happy moment that we celebrate and sometimes we have to face challenges, adversities and problems. The latter kind of events are really unpleasant and we always wish that we never have […]

How to reduce the risk of injuries for children in car accidents

We all are deeply attached with our family members and when it comes to their safety we take extra efforts in ensuring that they remain safe and secured. Our concern becomes more intense when it comes to our children; they are apple of our eyes and we don’t ever want (even to imagine!) that they […]