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TBI claims in Toronto – how can a personal injury lawyer help?

Emergencies can arise anytime, and when they arise it can be quite difficult to cope up with them without any support, especially when we talk about something as serious as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). While the consequences of such injuries could be devastating and as serious as death, it is always a good idea […]

Changes to Accident Benefits in Ontario which impacts all of us

Ontarian provincial government is not planning to cut auto premiums of private passengers more, but the Liberals are going to make changes into the Insurance Act in order to reduce the total mandatory coverage for medical and rehabilitation benefits, and also review the definition of what is catastrophic injuries.

Charles Sousa – Minister of Finance, […]

Back injury from an MVA – why hire a personal injury lawyer?

Back injury from a car accident – Types, Treatments and why hire a personal injury lawyer?

As we all know, car accident becomes the most common type of accident these days. Sadly, damage from such accidents isn’t limited to vehicles only. In fact, in the list of most common injuries occurred due to car accidents, […]

Monetary Recovery for Wrongful Death Claims in Toronto

Death is inevitable, but when an adversity like this strikes, especially due to someone else’s, negligence then what is that you can do? No one can change destiny, but can there be something that will stand with you if God forbid you lose someone you love because of someone else’s fault? Is there any […]

How to choose a car accident lawyer in Toronto

Choosing a car accident lawyer
Let’s say you are driving. You stop your car when you come across a red light. To pass the time, you start thinking about the task you want to accomplish by the end of the day anyhow, and then BAM! You hear that sound and when you tried to move […]

Ikea recalls safety gates after personal injuries reported

Ikea is recalling approximately 17,000 safety gates in Canada because they may fail to stay closed. 18 incidents reported worldwide, including 4 to Ikea Canada. Three kids have gotten personal injuries.

The company states that friction between the wall and the pressure-mounted Patrull Klamma and Patrull Smidig gates is not enough to securely hold the gate in […]

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Most common types of motor vehicle accident injuries

As per the report revealed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 3 million people meet with vehicle accident every year across the US. Different kinds of injuries occurs because of motor vehicle accidents and can also vary from person to person, as it completely depends on the situation of a car accident.

Some […]

Everything you need to know about serious injury claims in Toronto

Law is there to help people, and when we talk about situations when a person has to face physical and mental trauma because of someone else’s fault, then knowing about which legal practices can help you becomes of utmost importance. In this article we are going to share some basic facts about the set […]

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