Motorcycle accidents

Securing compensation in a motorcycle accident claim

There are numerous youngsters who have an ardent craze for motor bikes and they keep dreaming to ride their dream bike (at the top speed, of course!). For most of bike riders, it is indeed a pleasure ride; but it is also true that there are numerous risks that are associated with motorbike riding […]

Common mistakes which cause motorcycle accidents

We all crave for speed, for adventure and for thrill in our lives and that is why we are in love with vehicles that satiate our desires for accelerated journeys. The most prominent type in this list is surely motorcycles that is becoming the passion of many young souls especially in Canada. We can […]

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What does your personal injury lawyer do for you?

Many people can face the dilemma whether they should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer or not. Well, without any doubt, experience and expertise of a lawyer can play an indispensable and game-changing role for you when you are seeking claim for situations or accidents that have caused an injury. In this context, when we consider […]

Car accidents with uninsured drivers in Toronto

Whenever we are on the road we are in fact vulnerable in many ways. We are at the mercy of the road conditions and other driver’s state of awareness. That is why there are many people around the globe who seek insurance for their life as well as for their vehicle so that they […]

Motorcycle accident claims in Toronto

Did you know that motorcycle accident claims in Toronto are amongst the most common types of claims in the GTA region? And, some of the most devastating injuries are being suffered after these accidents, even worse than after any other type of motor vehicle accidents. The thing is that even the best motorcycle riders […]

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Motorcycle accident awareness campaign Toronto Police

Spring is coming, the weather becomes warmer and more dry. For many motorcycle riders in Toronto and the entire province that means the beginning of spring and a new season. This is for sure an exciting event for all motorbike lovers, impatient to get on the road as soon as possible, but it is […]

Motorcycle fatal accidents reach 7-years maximum – OPP warns drivers

Ontario Provincial Police raised the concern about rapidly growing number of deaths in motorcycle crashes. They are sending warnings for Ontario drivers, highlighting that the number of fatalities is almost hitting the highest number in recent 7 years.

As per Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, OPP have investigated 26 accidents involving motorcycles this year (25 motorcyclists […]

Motorcycle crash on a track – a video of the accident

That looks bad. An accident happened on one of race tracks. A motorcycle rider felt from his bike, the bike flew on top of another motorcyclist.

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One dead in Toronto motorycle accident

June 16, 2014
A motorcycle driver was killed in a collision on Broadview Avenue south of Danforth in the morning.

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Unbelievable car and motorcycle accident in Singapore

Singaporean Motorcyclist and His Bike fall right from the skies and hit a car.

When you driving along on your daily route, the last thing you would probably expect is someone ore something to fall from nowhere and land right on your vehicle. That becomes more fantastic if that thing happens to be a motorcyclist, […]