Passenger in car accident

How passengers injured in a taxi collision can claim compensation

We are constantly looking for the convenience in life and without any doubt, we have access to a lot of provisions in our day to day life, all thanks to the advancement. Taxi service is one such amenity that we enjoy in this modern era and, indubitably, it has become a part and parcel […]

What should a passenger do after a car accident?

Car accidents are one of the most feared things on roads but the truth remains the same that they are becoming a part of everyday life. We all want to be in the comforts of our vehicle when we want to reach any place, and when the desire to be comfortable as well as […]

Car accidents with uninsured drivers in Toronto

Whenever we are on the road we are in fact vulnerable in many ways. We are at the mercy of the road conditions and other driver’s state of awareness. That is why there are many people around the globe who seek insurance for their life as well as for their vehicle so that they […]

When to consult with a lawyer after a car accident?

Car accidents can happen to anyone, and the sorrow they bring along is inevitable. So, what can one do in such circumstances? Is there any sort of legal help available when someone has been hit by a car? What is the best solution in such circumstances?

Well, if questions like these or similar ones are […]

Most common types of motor vehicle accident injuries

As per the report revealed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 3 million people meet with vehicle accident every year across the US. Different kinds of injuries occurs because of motor vehicle accidents and can also vary from person to person, as it completely depends on the situation of a car accident.

Some […]

Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

You might be asking a question to yourself again and again – “why do I need a lawyer?” Well, whether a car accident involves you, or loved ones – we are pretty sure that you want to get the best possible solution from the incident happened. In such cases, it is best to talk […]

Passenger in a car accident – personal injury lawyers Toronto

What a passenger in a car accident is eligible to
If a passenger is injured in a car accident, filing a personal injury case is relatively a less complex affair compared to what another driver has to go through. This is because personal injury lawsuits are primarily dependent proving liability and damages, and a passenger […]