Car Accident Tips

Sleeping Pills and Car Accidents

Modern lifestyle has seen subsequent changes in the recent decades where every aspect in life of many people is under lot of strain. We are constantly adapting our lives to suit the rising demands and expectations, and in this all mayhem our health gets neglected. The effect of our unhealthy lifestyle is evident on […]

How to reduce the risk of injuries for children in car accidents

We all are deeply attached with our family members and when it comes to their safety we take extra efforts in ensuring that they remain safe and secured. Our concern becomes more intense when it comes to our children; they are apple of our eyes and we don’t ever want (even to imagine!) that they […]

What should a passenger do after a car accident?

Car accidents are one of the most feared things on roads but the truth remains the same that they are becoming a part of everyday life. We all want to be in the comforts of our vehicle when we want to reach any place, and when the desire to be comfortable as well as […]

Should I settle a Motor Vehicle Accident claim without an attorney?

When it comes to legal situations we tend to acquire a more scrupulous approach to the process so that we could reduce the complications and increase our chances of winning our case. It is true that for such results one need to have a thorough know-how of the system and its various twists and […]

Car accidents with uninsured drivers in Toronto

Whenever we are on the road we are in fact vulnerable in many ways. We are at the mercy of the road conditions and other driver’s state of awareness. That is why there are many people around the globe who seek insurance for their life as well as for their vehicle so that they […]

Bad road conditions which cause car accidents

Nobody likes the sound of accident especially when it takes its toll on our well-being; personal as well as financial. We have to face lot of trouble once we face an accident and if we are not actively seeking justice for others’ wrong doings we never get compensated for our loss, pain and suffering.

There […]

Car accidents caused by vehicle defects – can I claim?

As number of accidents is increasing day by day, along with this causalities are also on the rise. There is lot of stress given to the preventative measures so that the hazardous dimensions can be negated completely. Indubitably, most of people can prevent serious injuries by doing some simple check-ups of car parts such […]

When to consult with a lawyer after a car accident?

Car accidents can happen to anyone, and the sorrow they bring along is inevitable. So, what can one do in such circumstances? Is there any sort of legal help available when someone has been hit by a car? What is the best solution in such circumstances?

Well, if questions like these or similar ones are […]

Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

You might be asking a question to yourself again and again – “why do I need a lawyer?” Well, whether a car accident involves you, or loved ones – we are pretty sure that you want to get the best possible solution from the incident happened. In such cases, it is best to talk […]

How to avoid getting injured as a pedestrian in a car accident

According to Transport Canada’s Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics, 15% of fatalities in 2012 relate to pedestrian accidents. That totals to 312 wrongful death cases – which is a lot of fatal accidents and taken lives. 14.4% of serious injuries in 2012 belong to pedestrian accidents.

Hitting a pedestrian at a speed higher than 48 km/h will […]

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