Bicycle accidents

What does your personal injury lawyer do for you?

Many people can face the dilemma whether they should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer or not. Well, without any doubt, experience and expertise of a lawyer can play an indispensable and game-changing role for you when you are seeking claim for situations or accidents that have caused an injury. In this context, when we consider […]

Car and bicycle accidents: 10 most dangerous intersections in Toronto

The City of Toronto has analyzed motor vehicle accidents data from 2009 to 2013 and came up with a list of 5 intersections, especially dangerous for car drivers and cyclists. The original data considered the number of collisions and the total traffic volume (number of vehicles using this or that intersection). Intersections with highest […]

Man came to police after fatal bicycle accident

August 14, Milton

The man (25 y.o.) came with confession after hitting a cyclist in Toronto. The 32-year-old victim of the incident got fatal injuries and died. As per the investigation report, a motor vehicle hit the male who was cycling in Milton. The victim’s name has not been released as of yet. The driver […]