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Motorcycle accident awareness campaign Toronto Police

Spring is coming, the weather becomes warmer and more dry. For many motorcycle riders in Toronto and the entire province that means the beginning of spring and a new season. This is for sure an exciting event for all motorbike lovers, impatient to get on the road as soon as possible, but it is […]

Man got serious injuries after falling onto subway tracks

April 4, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

The accident occurred during the mid-afternoon. A man who was using an electric mobility scooter fell onto the subway tracks of College station in downtown Toronto, getting a serious leg injury.

As officials say, the middle-age looking man left a train at College station. He found out that there was no elevator […]

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Possible changes in reporting car accidents in Ontario

March 25, 2015
Province may increase mandatory reporting limit for car accidents without personal injuries from $1,000 to $2,000

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca says it’s important to update auto collision reporting regulations to keep pace with what’s in the marketplace.

Collisions and accidents of any type, from fender-benders to rear-end hits, Ontario is considering changes to […]

Wrongful death Toronto – 58 y.o. woman hit by car

Weather conditions get worse every day, increasing the risk of accidents for car drivers and pedestrians – the risk of getting a personal injury or even more serious consequences. Please be careful when you driving or walking on the streets – stay responsible. Unfortunately, serious accidents keep happening.

A 58-years-old woman, who was identified by […]

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Car and bicycle accidents: 10 most dangerous intersections in Toronto

The City of Toronto has analyzed motor vehicle accidents data from 2009 to 2013 and came up with a list of 5 intersections, especially dangerous for car drivers and cyclists. The original data considered the number of collisions and the total traffic volume (number of vehicles using this or that intersection). Intersections with highest […]

26 people injured in a bus accident

Twenty six Canadians were travelling in the tour bus from Toronto to New York City. Unfortunately the bus got into a motor vehicle accident, crashing into a parked vehicle. The incident happened near Syracuse, N.Y. tonight.

Justin Bieber in court today in connection to MVA

Dangerous driving, assault case charges resulting from the incident happened in Stratford in August

Bieber’s case is due today, but he is unlikely to show up in Stratford court.

The motor vehicle accident in question happened last month. An ATV and a minivan collided on a country road not far from Bieber father’s house. It’s not […]

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Man died in a pedestrian accident in Toronto

September 10, 2014

The man was hit by a vehicle (reported to be a garbage truck) in a laneway near Toronto Dundas Square.

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Justin Bieber charged following MVA in Ontario

August 29
Toronto, ON

Justin Bieber is facing charges with assault and dangerous driving after a motor vehicle accident involving an ATV and a car.

The incident happened near Stratford, ON, on August 29th. The collision supposedly involving Bieber, his girlfriend Selena Gomez, Todd Gillis and Sean O’Neill – photographers from Toronto was investigated by OPP. Police […]

Motorcycle fatal accidents reach 7-years maximum – OPP warns drivers

Ontario Provincial Police raised the concern about rapidly growing number of deaths in motorcycle crashes. They are sending warnings for Ontario drivers, highlighting that the number of fatalities is almost hitting the highest number in recent 7 years.

As per Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, OPP have investigated 26 accidents involving motorcycles this year (25 motorcyclists […]