car bicycle accident toronto most dangerous intersections

The City of Toronto has analyzed motor vehicle accidents data from 2009 to 2013 and came up with a list of 5 intersections, especially dangerous for car drivers and cyclists. The original data considered the number of collisions and the total traffic volume (number of vehicles using this or that intersection). Intersections with highest rates considered as the most dangerous ones and are listed below.

Most dangerous intersections for drivers:

  1. Lake Shore Boulevard at Lower Jarvis Street
  2. Lake Shore Boulevard at Don Roadway
  3. Ellesmere Road at Bellamy Road
  4. Lawrence Avenue East at Midland Avenue
  5. St. Clair Avenue at Old Weston Road

Cyclists should be extremely careful here:

  1. Queen Street West at Claremont Street
  2. Grace Street at College Street
  3. Shaw Street at College Street
  4. Queen Street West at Dufferin Street
  5. Spadina Avenue at College Street

The intersections listed above are not the only dangerous intersections in the city, and the research results don’t mean that all other intersections are absolutely safe. No matter where you are driving at, please drive safe and consider everybody, including drivers, motorcycle riders, cyclists and pedestrians.

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