That looks bad. An accident happened on one of race tracks. A motorcycle rider felt from his bike, the bike flew on top of another motorcyclist.

This motorbike incident took place at The Ridge.
There was debris on blind turns, and yellow flags were risen. Some riders disregarded them and as a result, one crashed into another (behind the biker recording the video). One rider (in blue suit on the video) and his motorcycle slid different ways. After that, a third participant landed exactly on top of the author of the video.

The video recorder has shared his impressions below.

On my way through Turns 8a and b, I saw flags and marshals standing in the track yelling and waving everyone down at the top of the crest. I assumed there was a rider down in Turn 10 or something, as it’s very unusual to have people waving riders down like that. Turned out to be someone’s exhaust laying mid-track. I put my hand up, slowed my speed, looked back at the rider immediately behind me while going through Turn 9 and saw that he had also slowed. The larger group of riders further back must not have slowed, because this guy hit me at what felt like full pace when I was doing about 50mph. Speeds through here are generally 110+. The bike that hit me erupted in a ball of flame and at lest 2 or 3 other riders went down behind him. I’m lucky to have rode it out, and hope the riders that went down are ok…

The blue-suit rider claims he is fine in his Facebook post, but on YouTube his wife says he got a concussion.

There’s no information about any injuries of another drive.

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