Life is way more complicated and unpredictable than we ever care to imagine. One day we are all happy and partying somewhere, and on the very next day we face situations that left us crippled for life, helpless and miserable as we become a victim of an accident. We are facing lots many issues on a day to day basis that also make our life complicated and intense. We have indeed become more vulnerable to untoward incidents. We never know what is coming for us but that does not mean that you remain a victim throughout. We can always be prepared to face challenges of life with confidence and valor.

You need to be proactive in seeking the right direction and guidance when an adversity strikes you. Then only, the chances for you to come out as a stronger person increase by manifolds. In this article we are going to discuss various aspects associated with shoulder injuries that can happen due to slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall is the most common injury that can happen to people in their workplace, home, in a shopping mall or any other place where they can walk. It can happen because of a wet floor, inappropriate walking conditions or loss of concentration. While people are falling on the floor, their immediate reaction is to use their arm to reduce impact of the fall. It is the natural reaction that is followed by the body to protect it from serious damages. When people use their arms while falling on the floor – then an arm or shoulder fracture may occur. In most cases people can feel constant pain immediately after falling on their hand but in some cases people recognize a serious problem in their shoulder after a couple of hours.

Common shoulder injuries that occurs due to Slip and Fall accidents

  • Damaged shoulder muscle. Muscle damage is one of the most common problems that is related with slip and fall accidents. Muscles are the first layer of our body and that is why people face muscle strains after slipping. It can be treated very easily without taking too much time but recovery period can be painful for an injured person as he/she can’t work and/or move properly with their damaged shoulder.
  • Broken should bone. There are many types of shoulder bones that can be broken due to a slip and fall incident, and shoulder blade, upper arm etc. are perfect examples of it. There is no denying that severe pain occurs due to a fractured or broken bone. It also requires a lot of time to heal such trauma. It is seen that such injuries affect a lot many other aspects of person’s life. They have to undergo medical treatment, and sometimes a patient is bed ridden for many days. This can have a negative impact on work, which certainly leads to financial losses. In some cases when there is a long-term effect to the injury, so it should be also taken into account if you are filing for compensation. There are many others who have to face repercussions of the shoulder injuries for long durations or throughout their life. For such people receiving just claim amount for medical treatment is not sufficient. Here their attorneys can guide them in taking into consideration the latent aspects of shoulder injury that range from loss in productivity, lowering of functionality and even subsequent depression and other problems. If you ever want to be compensated for your damage then make sure that you are incorporated all aspects so that you buffer your loss to great extend.
  • Neck and shoulder injury. Collar bone is the most important bone in our body after backbone because it provides additional safety to the neck. It is also connected with shoulders and if it is broken the victim will face serious problems. With such traumas you can’t move your neck because of damaged or fractured collar bone. It can also lead to further neck injury and that is why you should pay great attention to your shoulder injury, particularly with collar bone injury. There also may be neurological disorders which are associated with such injuries. Even chances of recovery are reduced due to intensity of the damage. Many people suffer lifelong pain and they need to seek compensation according to the nature and intensity of their injury, otherwise the situation might worsen in coming times on both financial as well as medical fronts.
  • Dislocated shoulder. Dislocated shoulder can lead to severe pain and malfunction in the body. You need immediate medical attention after the accident caused you have dislocated your shoulder. You should not take this condition carelessly as any delay may lead to irreversible damage in the coming times.
  • Problem in Brachial plexus. Brachial plexus is a part of the shoulder that contains a network of nerves running from the spine, dividing some part of nerves so that it can control neck, and the other part controls your arm. These nerves start from the lower cervical spine and upper thoracic spine. Any kind of damage in this area will lead towards serious problems as you won’t be able to use your entire arm and shoulder for considerable time period. If you are facing any kind of problem in brachial plexus due to a slip and fall accident then you can claim for a significant amount of compensation. It is possible because you will face serious problems with earning and medical bills which are also very high for such condition. It is a common injury caused by slip and fall accidents, particularly from stairs. Whiplash in a car accident can also be a main reason behind such injury. People usually can’t recognize their pain on the first go and that is why this injury is very serious. It takes a couple of hours to feel that you are facing something severe. You should visit a medical care center as soon as possible before filing your slip and fall claim.
  • Sprains in connective ligament. There are many cases where people face serious damage in their connective ligaments of the shoulder – the ligament which allows your arm to move freely with precise control. Slip and fall impact can easily damage them and without well-functioning ligaments, you can’t perform your normal tasks with your hand. In such situation, medical care is must and you should not waste any further time in visiting the hospital. Any negligence in medical treatment can increase the time of the recovery process.
  • Rotator cuff injuries. Rotator cuff is a vital part of the shoulder as it connects it with the upper arm. Rotator cuff also contains lots of ligaments, muscles and tendons that help in controlling arm movement. In short, the entire action of your hand is performed thanks to the rotator cuff and nerves. If there is any kind of injury occurred in the rotator cuff – you will feel intense pain, especially when you are trying to work. Such condition can shatter your normal functionality which can be quite straining if you are breadwinner of your family. The only ray of hope is to seek claim for the injuries that you face in the accident.

In addition to this shoulder injuries can also lead to neurological problems and that might have long term repercussions. Such injuries are not very easy to locate and cure but that doesn’t negate its presence. You need to make sure that you have sought thorough medical checkup and you must not be negligent when it comes to medical treatment.

What you should do if you sustain shoulder injury due to a slip and fall accident?

You can do yourself a big favor by following a certain course of action that will help you in your legal proceedings. You need to take certain steps to file for the apt claim and if you do so, your chance of receiving compensation on time increases drastically. Most people have to settle for insufficient compensation because they don’t have necessary documentation that can make their claim valid and strong. So here we are going to highlight the main points that you need to take care of in order to make your claim process easier and hassle free.

Here are the steps that you should take in order to get fair compensation:

  1. Keep track of medical bills – An injury of any kind requires medical attention and you certainly need to get proper treatment fully received. If you want to avoid most of the hassle of paperwork when you are filling for compensation then you should start collecting your medical bills from the first day of your accident. It is a very important step because medical bills can be used for proving the seriousness of your shoulder injuries. There are many cases when people neglect their medical bills and they have to face unnecessary unwanted complications in securing fair compensation. Therefore, if you want to avoid any complicated situations and receive a fair compensation without any delay then you should collect all your medical bills.
  2. Get video footage and collect evidence – If you have faced injuries due to slippery surface, wet floor etc and you have video of that incident then you have greater chances of success. It is very clear that you can’t record video in such situations but you can request for video footage of security cameras placed everywhere. If it is not possible then you can also take help of people who were present nearby while you slipped. It is very important that you have sufficient evidence to prove your case or otherwise you may have to settle for minimum compensation.
  3. Contact your attorney – You should not waste any time in contacting your personal injury attorney for filing a claim because only an attorney can help you in securing rightful compensation. There are many formalities and a lot of documentation that are required during the claim process, and only legal service providers are aware of all those. It is also very important because there are many factors that can affect your claim amount, and your lawyer will make sure that all points are to be included in your claim. Therefore, it is recommended that you should not file compensation claim without consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

What compensation amount is enough for your shoulder injury?

Compensation amount is decided by keeping many things in mind and there are certain aspects that can change the outcome of your case and the amount you finally receive as compensation. If you haven’t faced a serious fracture and can continue your normal life after a week or so, then your compensation amount will be completely different from a person who has faced a broken shoulder injury and pain for long months. You should contact your attorney for much needed help as he/she can provide a perfect forecast about how much compensation is worth for your suffering.

Along with compensation for medical problems, many people seek claim for pain and suffering they have to endure. Here, an experienced personal injury attorney will come to your rescue, evaluate all the losses that you faced due to the shoulder injury and provide valuable recommendations. Make sure that your attorney is well qualified and resourceful so that you won’t have to face any kind of problems on any front. Your decision of seek help of a lawyer for evaluation of compensation amount as well as for the subsequent legal proceeding can be really beneficial. Undoubtedly, shoulder injuries take a lot of time to cure and you might not recover fully, as this injury can have long-term effect on your personal and professional life. You might not be aware of all aspects that you need to consider before making the rightful claim. Hence, it suggested that you should take support and services of expert and experienced attorney.

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