Human life seems impossible without the nervous system as it is the primary connection that binds us with reality. This system is responsible for all the fundamental functions of the body that ranges from sensory interpretation, problem solving, thinking, responding, and reacting to regularization of various functions of body parts and so on. Without any doubt, it is the most crucial and most complex of all systems of the human body. That is why when there is any damage that is caused to this system, we are bound to suffer profound loss in terms of dysfunctional body parts, disability, and paralysis, memory loss and so on.

In this article we will focus on nerve damage caused by a car accident or slip and fall. But first of all let’s find out more about our nervous system and the nerves.

Our nervous system comprises of various nerves that are connected with various body parts, muscles and tissues, and they are connected with our spinal cord which is eventually connected with the brain. Signals go from the spinal cord to various body parts and vice versa. We can say that our nervous system act as a connecting agent between the brain and our body parts.

Nerve damage happen when there is cutting of signal between the brain and muscles or between the brain and other organs and / body parts. There can be various signs like tingling, numbness or reduced mobility in general, which showcase that one has suffered from nerve damage. It has been observed that nerve damage can happen due to pressure, stretching or cutting in an accident, and majority of times, the causes of nerve damage may be: motor vehicle accident, slip and fall and burn injuries.

In case of a car accident, there are generally broken bones, burns and severe trauma to the neck or spine. There also a whiplash injury occurs when the neck is thrown violently backward. In case of slip and fall there can be nerve damage in a wrist, arms, neck or spine.

People who are inflicted with nerve damage have to face lot of troubles on many spheres. They also may be affected by mental and / or emotional agony. In addition to this, there are instances when there is reduced sensory or mobility functions of organs or limbs. Such painful conditions may persist for long duration, and that can lead to chronic pain. All such deteriorating aspects subsequently lead to depression and other mental disorders in many cases.

There are 3 types of nerve damage and these are as follows:

  1. Autonomic nerve damage: Autonomic nerves are those that are connected with organs which perform automatic functions like heart, lungs, liver etc. That is why when autonomic nerve damage happens then the patient has symptoms like lightheartedness, increased or decreased sweating etc. There can also be inability to sense pain in the chest or there can be a heart-attack-like symptoms. Many people who face such nerve damage also report to have dry mouth or eyes. Even dysfunctional bladder may be also associated with this type of nerve damage.
  2. Motor nerve damage: Motor nerves are the nerves that are connected with various muscles that are present in the whole body, from the head to toes, which help in various bodily actions and movement. In case of motor nerve damage, the symptoms are generally twitching and weakness. In severe cases there can also be muscle atrophy or paralysis.
  3. Sensory nerve damage: When nerves that are associated with senses of the human body get damaged then it is known as sensory nerve damage. There can be symptoms like numbness, pain etc, when such damages occur.

We got to know about types of nerve damage, and now we are going to focus on various injuries that are associated with car accidents or slip and fall, which may lead to nerve damage. They are as follows:

  • Back injury: Back injury can affect nerves in the limbs which may lead to different types of disabilities. These can also be loss of bladder control and / or severe pain.
  • Neck injury: Neck injuries generally lead to bulging disks. There are also cases of radicolopathy which means shooting pain in other parts of body due to neck injury.
  • Fibromyalgia: In this condition there can be nerve damage that lead to headache, or fatigue-like symptoms. There can also be depression and emotional problems faced by victims. Such situations become difficult to assess, and while seeking compensation, it becomes very important that the medical expert’s testimony goes along with your case to make it strong and justified.
  • Spinal cord injury: Spinal cord injury is one the most feared injuries, as in serious situations it might lead to paralysis.
  • Other problems: There are also some other problems that are associated with car accidents and slip and fall; namely: chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and others. In the later case, the patient suffers crippling pain, swelling and flushing.

When a plaintiff is seeking evaluation of nerve damage caused by a car accident or slip and fall, the following are the main aspects that need to be assessed:

  1. Medical care (including physical therapy): In case of nerve damage, medical care expenses become the major aspect that needs to be evaluated meticulously. Complications related to nerve damage can be severe and long lasting. Only experts are able to judge extent of loss and damage in such cases. There are instances when the effect of an injury start appearing after a long period of time, and till then most plaintiffs are done with their compensation. Such situations are becoming commonplace among victims of nerve damage. That is why there has been a lot of improvements in the whole process of evaluation. Neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists and many other medical experts come together to assess the overall condition of the nervous system and brain, so that they can make sure that the patient is compensated fully for the loss and damage. It now becomes a concern for the future as well, as there are cases where people start suffering from dysfunctional organs after considerable period of time, lapsed from a car accident or slip and fall. So, if this thing is to be avoided completely, it calls for immense attention from medical experts.
  2. Pain and suffering: There is immense “pain and suffering” that gets associated with nerve damage. This aspect needs to be assessed when there is damage evaluation, so that the plaintiff gets the rightful compensation. Although, it tends to be subjective yet the medical expert’s testimony and relevant evidences can play a crucial role in claim settlement. Hence, as a plaintiff it is imperative that you leave no stone unturned in securing the right documents and testimonies which back your case. You can also compile reports of various medical tests which you have undergone; among this, the Diagnostic Nerve Conduction Test is quite prominent.
  3. Loss of wages: Without any doubt, an injury of any kind can make the patient bed ridden, which leads to low productivity and abandonment of work. This subsequently leads to loss of wages, and in cases where injury is intense and detrimental to the normal functioning of the body, things can go bad to worse. The patient might have to leave the job at all. This financial strain needs to be taken into account while assessing the loss in case of nerve damage.
  4. Loss of future earning abilities: There are injuries that show their effect in the later stages of life. In case of nerve damage, people might start facing increased psychological problems in terms of low coping of stress, depression, sensitivity, lack in problem solving abilities, lowering of focus and concentration and so on. The list is long and its effect can be seen in the arena of future prospects of the patient. Professional life of the person might go down spiral due to nerve damage and its aftermath. If such possibility is lurking in your case or the case of your loved one’s, then you need to proactively seek assessment that incorporate this thing as well.
  5. Spousal claim for loss of consortium: Yes, nerve damage can affect the relationship between spouses, and there are many people who claim for loss of consortium. In case you also find yourself in the similar situation – you can also add this aspect to your list of loss and damage.

How hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you?

Many people now seek legal services to ensure that they are doing everything right in order to make their case strong. Here we give you an overview of the advantages which you can get as you seek legal professionals to handle your nerve damage case caused by a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall.

  • Evaluation of your case: Evaluation of the case is of paramount importance because without it you cannot be sure of the amount that you need to file for. Proper assessment can be done only when you have professionals to scrutinize every aspect of your case. Now good news are that you can consult with a personal injury attorney for cases pertaining to nerve damage after a car accident or slip and fall, and you will be given thorough insight into your case. You will come to know different aspects which need to be evaluated so that you are rightfully compensated not only for present but also for future hassle you might have to face due to nerve damage.
  • Documentation: Proper documentation of every case is important but its significance becomes all the more intense when it comes to sensitive and highly delicate areas of nerve damage. Here everything is reported accurately and meticulous reports are compiled. The person who is not aware of the legal procedures might find it really burdensome. Here an experienced attorney can make things quite easy and stress free for you.
  • Apt proofs and testimonies: Yes, you need right proofs and testimonies to prove your innocence, intensity of your suffering and extent of your damage. A resourceful legal team will help you in getting in touch with experts which help in making your case strong and fool-proof. Otherwise, if you have to arrange everything on your own, stress can be monumental!
  • Legal procedures: At times people have to face a lot of troubles when they are not aware of various legal procedures. A responsible attorney can be your beacon light that will guide you in the mayhem and help you in getting the amount that compensate your loss and damage fully. You will be able to share your issues, confusions and problems; rest assured you will be always given the much required support. Your personal injury lawyer will represent your case and take all necessary steps to make sure that you finally receive the rightful claim amount.
  • Successful claim settlement: As the saying goes, “there are many slips between the cup and the lips”. So is true for the legal processes. If you want not to have to face numerous problems or obstacles – then make sure that you have sought the best lawyers for your case. When you have responsible people taking care of any situation, you can make sure that you get the expected results. Hence, you should opt for a well-renowned attorney who paves the way for success in your compensation settlement whether it is with an insurance company or in the court.

In the end, you will be grateful to yourself for making the right decision of hiring an able attorney to help you well on time. With the right support and services you will not only get the optimal compensation but also face fewer hassles.

It is imperative that you don’t delay in taking actions for seeking the compensation, as delays are considered to be negative for your case. Hence, it is highly advisable that you take help of an attorney who can assist you in various stages of claim settlement for nerve damage, caused by a car accident or slip and fall.

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