June 17, 2014
Four people got injuries after been struck by lightning on a golf course, north of Toronto.

The four people were golfing at a gold course in Stouffville when thunderstorm began. After been struck, all four were taken to hospital – three people got serious injuries but are in stable condition, the other person is in critical condition and definitely will need rehabilitation and recovery.

Police received a call at 11:40 a.m. The caller has informed them about the incident happened. Paramedics, firefighters and police arrived very quickly.
Other golfers were cleared off the course in the aftermath of the lightning strike.

Big part of southern Ontario is under a thunderstorm with rain and lightning. Thunderstorms crossed the province in the morning. Weather conditions expected to get worse through the day into the evening. Please be careful and take cover immediately if you can hear thunder in the distance.

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