We all crave for speed, for adventure and for thrill in our lives and that is why we are in love with vehicles that satiate our desires for accelerated journeys. The most prominent type in this list is surely motorcycles that is becoming the passion of many young souls especially in Canada. We can see craze for these speedy two-wheelers across the globe, and it gets associated with extreme and style quotient of people. Fans of motorcycles can go to any extent to make their way to gorgeous vehicles in their life. In addition to this, all motorcycle manufacturers have also contributed to fulfilling desires of all lovers of these vehicles by providing unique, powerful, stylish and better motorcycles.

Motorcycles are indisputably the number one choice of young generation when it comes to traveling. They prefer it when they are going for adventures or fun rides, or for long drives. It is also proven that your vehicle makes strong mark on your personality. Whatever the reason of owning a motorcycle is, it is indeed a fact that youths are eternally attracted to its fury and speed.

But with all the thrills, there is also a sad side to it – motorcycles also kill! Yes, we are talking about how riding on this vehicle can take its toll on your life. There is growing numbers in the list of deaths caused by motorcycle accidents. Truth be told, motorcyclists are more vulnerable on the road than car drivers, as they literally don’t have an iron box around them as an extra layer of protection. The only thing that saves a motorcycle rider is his helmet and protection gear, and of course control over the vehicle. Even though motorcycle manufacturers are trying to increase safety while riding, there is no advance security that can save a motorcycle rider’s life in major accidents.

There are many psychologists and researchers who have studied psychology of drivers and riders on the road and they have come up with many surprising and interesting facts and figures. Their findings of the research that grabs the limelight tell that car drivers tend to nullify motorcycles and the motorcyclists on the road (because they are considerably small in size when compared with other vehicles) and that in turn gives rise to quite many mishaps.

Things that need to be considered here is that motorcycle riders take things for granted and their ignorance about other driver’s psychology on the road gets them into troubles. If they open their eyes to a bitter truth that car drivers’ mental set is going to ignore their presence (as they are not as prominent on the road) they will surely divert a lot of accidents.

In this article we will look into most common mistakes which cause motorcycle accidents so that you can take necessary measures to avoid it altogether.

So here is the list:

1. Reckless or careless driving

According to the national stats, more than 1600 crashes happen every year and within last couple of years these numbers are increasing rapidly. More that 9% motorcycle accidents occur due to reckless driving, and this clearly shows that people are tend to riding motorcycles without caring about their safety. People try to overtake cars and buses at really high speeds and meet accidents while trying to pass other vehicles in very short space. In America and Canada, 23% deaths or major injuries happen to motorcycle riders because they drive motorbikes at a really high speed. Hence, if you want to save yourself from broken bones or severe head injuries – you should never go beyond the set speed limits. Moreover, it will save you from getting into legal complications as well.

2. New or inexperienced riders

We might protest against the strict rules that are applicable to driving any motor vehicle in Canada but these rules are definitely made for our own well-being and protection. In 2014, 11% of motorbike accidents happened due to learners (on the road!) and caused more than 37% deaths in such accidents. Also, in remaining cases people faced severe and long term injuries. You will be surprised that if we exclude the number of motorcycle accidents caused by new drivers – the accidental deaths numbers will drop to 60% of total losses of lives.

It is to be noted that inexperienced motorcyclists are in younger age bracket when compared to learners of other vehicle types. It is also recorded that new motorcycle riders created a lot of problems for other drivers as they faced serious accidents in order to save motorcyclists.

Without any doubt, motorcycle riding is the hardest travelling medium and that is the reason why we find thrill and adventure while driving. But in inexperienced hands, it can create life threating situations for both the rider and other drivers.

3. Maneuvering or poor turn tactics

One of the most common factor that has made huge impact on the number of motorcycle accidents is maneuvering – caused more than 1700 road accident cases. It might be interpreted that there is no life threatening conditions in such situation but more than 10% people died in accidents happened due to poor turn tactics. It doesn’t depend on a bike rider only, it also involves other factors, such as geography of the area, other vehicles and weather conditions. In addition to this 42% of maneuvers happened on blind curves. People’s failure to calculate the distance and angle of turn is also a significant reason behind such accidents. If you really want to avoid this type of situations – make sure you are using all safety precautions while turning your motorbike. You should also ensure that there is no other vehicles and there is enough space for making a turn.

4. Driving beyond than speed limits

There are clear evidences that more than 6% of motorcycle accidents happen due to exceeding speed way beyond the speed limit allowed. There are many videos that are recorded by people and traffic cameras in Canada which clearly show motorcycle riders at very high speeds, even in residential areas.

Speed limits are set after checking various things, such as road conditions, traffic, space on the road and other necessities. That is why you must make sure that you drive according to guidelines to always stay safe and secure.

5. Excessive speed while road is clear

Most people think that if the road is clear they can drive at a really high speed without any hassle but you will be shocked to know that more than 6% people faced serious accident because of driving at excessive speed (on empty roads!). There are many things which lead to accidents, such as road conditions, sudden breaking, loss of control over the bike etc, and eventually people get at risk to facing life threatening situations. So, avoid driving at unnecessarily high speeds and pay attention to safety measures.

6. Poor handling due to adverse weather conditions

It is very clear that the weather can have significant impact on your driving because for example in rainy or snowy conditions you can easily lose control of your vehicle even at very minimal speeds. There are more than 2000 cases (13% of accidents) that happen due to bad weather conditions every year. In most cases it is taken as a driver’s fault as in 70% to 80% of these cases there were no other vehicles around when accidents took place. In other situations a driver ends up facing an accident in the wrong lane (from coming traffic) because of lost control over the vehicle. In such cases, it is advisable that you seek help of a personal injury attorney to secure best compensation, as you will have to prove that the accident took place due to bad weather conditions. Even if you are struggling with mild injuries you should also contact a legal advisor for an insurance claim.

7. Brakes failure or unintentional braking

There are many people who have faced accidents due to failed breaks or using break unintentionally. Yes, the numbers are really low less than 1% (about 73 according to the insurance claims report) but still there is a possibility that you might face a serious accident due to this reason. You can reduce risks by checking your motorcycle breaks every time you are about to ride it. In case you have met such an accident and your insurance company has denied your claim – make sure that you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer for securing ideal compensation that covers all your financial loss.

8. Lack of judgement

More than 2200 people face accidents every year after they failed to judge the speed and path of the vehicle coming from the opposite side. It covers up approximately 14% of total motorcycle accidents that happen in Canada. There is no sure way or method that can provide you exact information about such situations. You can always take as much precautions as you could to avoid accidents. In case you had faced an accident due to lack of judgement – hire an attorney for legal help and it will enhance chances of your compensation claim (fair settlement).

9. Lack of concentration on the road

Most riders will never accept this fact but at times they pay very minimal attention to the road and traffic behind their backs. If you have also avoided such factor then you should better prepare yourself as 2400 motorcycle accidents happen due to lack of concentration while driving. It has caused the second highest number of accidents that forms 15% of the total number of accidents happened in all provinces of Canada due to lack of attention. You can blame your hectic life, stressful work or uncontrollable traffic, yet the fact remains that you are responsible for your own safety on the road. Here, being extra attentive can save you in many ways.

10. Lost control over a motorcycle

It is the biggest reason behind motorcycle accidents in the entire world and more than approximately 16% of motorcycle accidents happen because of this particular reason. We can never pinpoint actual causes but the only way to avoid this detrimental situation is to have advanced practice of riding a motorcycle which will make you prepared for averse situations on the road.

If you are an enthusiastic motorcyclist and a crazy fan of speed, it should now dawn upon you that injuries you possible can face in a motorcycle accident will most likely be severe. It may affect your life not only in the present but also for the time to come. Hence, you need to start making changes in the way you have been riding your bike so that you can avoid any negative circumstances.

In case you are involved in an accident and not at fault, make sure you have necessary proofs and evidences which showcase your innocence. Consulting an attorney can help you in the claim settlement process.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the road is really merciless to bike riders and your conscientiousness while travelling is your only protective shield. Make sure you are obeying the traffic rules and regulations set by the authorities as only then you can expect authorities ruling in your favor when you file for a claim.

Moreover, you need to persist on the claim settlement process if you want to actually receive financial support, as in general motorcyclists are major culprits on the road. Hence, you need to be taking steps in the right direction to seek compensation if you are involved in an motorcycle accident.

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