There are numerous youngsters who have an ardent craze for motor bikes and they keep dreaming to ride their dream bike (at the top speed, of course!). For most of bike riders, it is indeed a pleasure ride; but it is also true that there are numerous risks that are associated with motorbike riding and the top one is surely the risk of meeting a motor vehicle accident.

According to the stats available, it has come into limelight that motorcyclists are at greater risk of meeting an accident while on the road and they have higher chances of facing serious injuries (both brain injury and broken bones). There is a lot of damage that a bike rider may face on the financial as well as on medical front. Hence, it is imperative that you need to be very proactive when you are seeking a compensation in a motorcycle accident claim so that you can recover fully from your loss. It needs to be taken to consideration that you should not be careless on any front as it may cost you in terms of final amount that you can receive. That is why, in this article, we are going to focus on various aspects which you need to keep in mind while pursuing a motorcycle accident claim.

What evidence you should provide for securing your motorcycle accident claim?

These are several cases where claims are denied as people fail to provide so much needed details, that are of paramount importance for securing a compensation from an insurance provider. You should make sure that you have provided the following details, facts and figures as you file your compensation claim:

  1. Personal information – You should provide complete details about your address, insurance policy, name and valid phone number etc. in the insurance claim. It should be exactly similar to the one that you have provided in your policy. In case of any changes, discuss it with your attorney.
  2. Statement of other people (accident causing party) – Other people present at the accident scene can be very important and their statements can prove to be the strongest base for your case. You need to make sure that you are providing accurate information so that it can sync with statements of the others.
  3. Evidence of your suffering (financial loss and injuries happened due to the accident) – There are many ways through which evidences of your injuries can be collected. Medical reports are certainly crucial but you can also take pictures or get videos of the exact situation and injuries to make your case much stronger.
  4. Treatments and details of health care professionals (including attending doctor to medical tests) – Medical records is the best proof that go a long way in helping you to receive your rightful compensation. You need to be very vigilant and proactive in seeking all required documents and reports so that you or your motorcycle accident lawyer can represent your case in a better manner.
  5. Disabilities (permanent injuries) or severe injuries – There are many types of accidents and situations that can lead to certain disabilities, affecting victims’ lives. Reports and documents that testify such conditions must also be brought into the limelight.
  6. Personal care expenses (hire a person for care after a motorcycle accident) – You might need to hire personal care experts for recovery. Documentation pertaining to this should also be a part of your claim file.
  7. Properly documented expenditure details – Your scrupulousness in making sure that you have added all details of your expenses will ensure that you are getting the maximum compensation in the end. You shouldn’t be careless on any front as it will lead to complications for your case.
  8. Provide authentic and true information – It should be kept in mind that you should never play with facts and figures. You should take utmost care in providing accurate informational always.

In addition to this, there are some other aspects that you or your attorney can consider and add to the file for securing maximum insurance or compensation. Now we are going to discuss these points:

  • Damage of your motorcycle / financial loss – This includes all the expenses starting immediately from the accident, which includes medical check-up, treatment, medicines, the transportation cost, legal expenses and so on.
  • Loss of earnings occurred due to the accident or injuries – Clearly, an accident invites a lot of troubles and losses, and in this loss of wages is certainly the prominent one. Due to injuries and ongoing treatment process, there can be many victims who are not able to continue their work and there can be loss in their work capacity. Such damage needs to be considered while seeking a claim in the motor cycle accident.
  • Paid charges for storing a vehicle – You can also include parking and/or other charges on your vehicle when you are filing for a motorcycle accident claim.
  • Repair cost of your motorcycle – Money required for repairing or replacing your motorcycle can also be included in the inventory designed for calculating claim compensation.
  • Travelling expenses (from accident to hospital and back home) –Transportation costs including ambulance, fare from the hospital and back home until treatment process is completed should also be a part of your claim you are seeking from the party at fault.
  • Medical bills and treatment procedures needed to be followed – Starting from surgery, required tests and other recovery processes – all should be included in the motorcycle accident claim. You need to be meticulous in this front as it becomes a major potion of your claim. Moreover, you need to research the long-term effect of injuries occurred as well, so that you can be compensated fully. Such approach also helps you in keeping disappointments at bay during the later part of your life (when the after effects of the accidents emerge).
  • Medicinal expenses – All costs that you invested in medicines should also be considered while filing for a claim.
  • Other damages (clothes, helmet and other personal objects) – You should include details of everything that you have lost because of the accident.

Which insurance type will cover your claim?

In most motorcycle accidents cases, personal injury insurance is applied as people face serious injuries that are either short-term, long-term or permanent. In addition to this, the above mentioned points are also considered along with the nature of the accident. For example, if the accident happened due to a mistake of the other driver who had broken several traffic laws, then you can also secure a high amount of compensation.

What are the things you should avoid doing?

Many people make minor mistakes which ultimately bring negative impact on their cases. There are certain restrictions on your behavior which you should consider in order to avoid any legal complications. Trying to help you, we have brought a list of acts that you should be careful with until you secure your compensation. They are as follows:

  1. You should not manipulate evidences – You should avoid adding or removing any kind of details that are related to your accident. Both the court and insurance company will consider this as a serious offence and your claim will be either be denied or reduced if you found manipulated on any front. Make sure you are providing accurate and true evidence.
  2. You should not avoid medical treatment – Most people avoid taking medical treatments due to financial strain or they think it is not necessary. It can make significant impact on your compensation amount because your injuries won’t be considered as serious ones because you are not seeking proper medical treatment, assuming you don’t need it.
  3. You should avoid posting pictures and plans of your case anywhere on public – Many people act over the top and post description of how they feel, pictures and/or videos related to their accident on their social network sites. You should never take such step because the insurance provider can take serious action against you for such acts. Until your innocence is not proven, you should avoid sharing information about your accident on any social site or anywhere else.
  4. You should avoid making strong statements – You should never use any kind of actions or statements in public, regarding the insurance company or other people involved in the accident. Such statements can be misinterpreted and may lead to serious problems for your case.

The role of a motorcycle accident attorney in your claim

If you are not sure about what you should do after a motorcycle accident, then the one and only step that can save you from further misfortune is indeed support and services of an experienced attorney.

It is important that you seek help of a recognized attorney who will take care of all aspects of your damage and loss. Many people fail to consider many aspects which tend to pose a problem for them in the future. If you want to avoid hassles in your life and receive the optimum claim amount which will help you recover fully from the accident, then you need to make sure you have the helping hand of experts with relevant experience. You will get right guidance only when you have hired best legal professionals for your case.

There are four parameters that your attorney will consider and help you in receiving sufficient compensation amount:

  1. Financial loss – If you have faced serious financial loss such as vehicle damage, medical bills and transportation charges for treatments etc. after a motorcycle accident, then you can list all financial losses in your claim. You are entitled to recover everything as per the law. The attorney will ensure that all details of your financial expenses are filled properly so you don’t have to struggle for recovering your loss.
  2. Injuries and other health related problems – Your injuries and their effect on your life will also be considered while filing a compensation claim. Your attorney will also consider your healthcare needs so that you don’t have to compromise on any front. Starting from necessary treatments to recovery process, all medical bills will be taken into consideration by your lawyer.
  3. Applicable laws for your case – There are certain laws which can be applicable to your case in different circumstances, and most times you might be aware of them. Here, your attorney will guide you and help you in seeking the compensation with minimal hassle. Without any doubt, an experienced legal professional will make your case stronger and you will get your compensation well on time.
  4. Required time period – It depends on your lawyer but if you are hiring an experienced professional – you can definitely secure your compensation very quickly. However, it also depends on the nature of the accident, such as fault of the driver etc. If injuries are very serious, then it can take more than 2 years for securing compensation. So make sure to hire a well-known and experienced attorney for filing and securing best possible settlement.

If you want to actually have maximum claim amount in your hand, then your efforts in seeking the right attorney can be the decisive element. So, if you are involved in such case, don’t delay any further in making sure that you have the best legal support and services to guide your way in the kerfuffle.

Although there is no price for pain and suffering that we unfortunately face at times, yet our sensibility in seeking the claim well on time can help us in recovering from the whole misfortune. You should not delay with filling for motorcycle accident claims, and it is always sensible to opt for professionals who could guide you during the whole process. Without wasting time, you should consult with a personal injury attorney and book an appointment. As you will discuss you case, you will come to know about strong and weak areas of your case. Once you get the bird eye view of your case, it becomes an easy task to follow the steps, that subsequently leads you towards the desirable results.

All in all, you surely need to buckle up real nice if you want to be optimally compensated for loss and damage you have faced!

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