Distracted driving became a big problem causing more and more car accidents to happen. A huge variety of electronic gadgets, bad habits, other people in the car etc. are just examples of distracting factors which may cause a car collision to happen. This is a serious problem and it definitely needs as much attention as possible.
Now good news: there’s Decide to Drive – a distracted driving prevention program sponsored by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. It helps to learn how to focus on driving and get rid of dangerous habits.

On the www.decidetodrive.org website users can send out anonymous email messages with the “Wreck-less Checklist” to their friends, family and other people they care for. Those safety tips cover everything, from adjusting the seats, mirrors, etc. before to not using any mobile gadgets while driving.

wreck-less checklist car accidents prevention

You just need a person’s email in order to send this helpful piece of advice.

In addition to that there’s plenty of other useful resources on the website that can help to discourage distracted driving, including contests, events and social media involvement. People can share their experiences with distracted driving, telling about what it ended up with, about how they felt about it and what conclusions did they make.

The program is aimed to help minimize the number of motor vehicle accidents, injuries and deaths caused by distracted driving every year. According to Decide to Drive the stats are concerning: an average of 421,000 injuries a year and 3,328 fatalities in 2012.

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