Justin Bieber and Celena Gomez riding an ATV before MVA

Dangerous driving, assault case charges resulting from the incident happened in Stratford in August

Bieber’s case is due today, but he is unlikely to show up in Stratford court.

The motor vehicle accident in question happened last month. An ATV and a minivan collided on a country road not far from Bieber father’s house. It’s not fully confirmed if JB was actually driving the vehicle, in spite of the fact that some pictures show him and Selena Gomez riding the ATV. Brian H. Greenspan – the lawyer of Bieber’s, stated that Bieber is not at fault after the MVA, putting blame on the paparazzi.

Today’s hearing in court is the latest from numerous legal issues of Justin:

  • Assault charge in connection with an alleged attack on a limo driver in Toronto, earlier this month.
  • $80,900 in restitution to a neighbor and probation of two years after an act of vandalism (pelting the neighbor’s house with eggs) in Calabasas, CA.
  • Pleaded guilty in street racing in Florida last month. Required to take an anger management course, make a $50,000 charitable contribution and pay court fees.
  • Allegedly involved in a quarrel with Orlando Bloom at a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain.
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