Some details of the horrible multiple car crash happened earlier today, became available. There were eight cars involved, some of them were almost ripped into two pieces, others got serious or minor damage. Eight people (including drivers and passengers) were transported for medical treatment, having injuries of different severity (from critical to serious). One person was transported to Sunnybrook Hospital in critical condition.

As witnessed by various people, the suspect driver was flying down Bathurst Street at an enormously high for streets speed. Reaching Clark, he bumped into the row of cars standing at the intersection while red light was on. His car was thrown into the intersection along with all autos he hit, while crossing traffic was moving through it.

He went right through that red light with no hesitation, then when he approached this intersection, I could see that he was not going to stop, says one of the witnesses. He went right through the cars that were stopped.

The driver was charged as a result of the collision.

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